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Renewing your old candles

As you may know I love a good candle. I love to burn them as well as smell their lovely scents. I also hate to throw away candles where the wick has burnt down but there is plenty of wax left. Last year I found out that there are people on eBay that sell candle wicks on their own for £1 which included postage and packaging. I bought 10 wicks in total and having made about 6 new candles. You can buy the wicks in different sizes. 

I have collected my tea light candles wax in 2 candle pots and cleaned an old Ikea candle pot ready for the new wax to go into. 

I first get my wick, dip it in some already melted wax and stick it to the bottom of the new candle pot. 

I then heat up the other glass to melt the wax.  I had already started to make a candle which is why there is a wick in there already. 

Once the wax starts to melt it turns into a candle. 

Once my wax has melted I then pour it into the pot with the candle wick. 

Then once finished let them cool and you have new candles to light.  Once these have burn down you can melt them again and make more candles. 

Have you had a go at making new candles?

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  1. That's actually a great idea, I usually just bin the ends of my candles.
    Kelly | Beauty and the Nails

    1. Thanks :) I saw this on a YouTube video I think xxx