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What I received for Valentines Day

For valentines day I recieved this lovely I love you bracelet in the shape of an envelop and letter. Back in the day when snail mail was a big thing I used to write to my boyfriend, when he went to uni, and be write back. Which is why the letter bracelet is cool. I got the heart lolly pop because I love sweets, who doesn't?

The next item I received was a camera on a necklace. My boyfriend bought me this without knowing Gemma Louise had bought me one in my Blogger Secret Santa. I love the one she got me as it is black and gold and looks really cool. My boyfriend got me this one because he knows how much I love photography and my camera. I have also now decided that my favourite colour is red. I think it's a nice bold bright colour and is vivid. Now I have two camera necklaces that will go with most of my outfits. 

These are some of the gifts I recieved for valentines day. He also bought me a ton of stuff from Bath and Body Works, but there will be a separate post for that coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled. 

What did you receive for valentines day? Please leave your links below so I can see.  

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