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Beautiful Whitby

Over the Easter weekend I took a trip to Whitby for my boyfriend's mum's birthday. We stopped off at many service stations a long the route and there was plenty of rapeseed growing in the fields. That's all the yellow stuff. 

The road to Whitby along the Yorkshire Moors was picturesque 

First meal in Whitby at Romero Jo's of beef nachos. These were yummy and the beef was delicious. 

Then chicken quesadillas but there were 6 of them all the same after eating 3 of them I started to get full. 

The high street in Whitby at night was beautifully lit. 

The next morning the seagulls were busy squawking from the roof tops. 

Whilst we were in Whitby there was a scooter rally happening and lots of people were dressed like mods 

The port in Whitby was very quiet. 

The magpie cafe is the best fish restaurant in town as seen by the queues half way down the street. We had a table booked in there for the evening so didn't have to wait outside in the queue. 

There are plenty of rock shops in Whitby that sold lots of different sweets as well as rock. 

After a wander around the town we climbed the 199 steps to the top of the hill where Whitby Abbey is 

Once at the top the view was beautiful. 

I found a few horses on the way up the hill 

As Whitby is a fishing town there were plenty of fishing baskets lined up along the port. There were quite a few scooters dotted around the place too. 

Whilst wandering around the town we stepped inside a vintage shop which sold vintage vogues from 1970. I bet they weren't 50p now, but I never asked the price of them. 

After wandering around the town and climbing up to the Abbey we made it back down to the Magpie Cafe where I had haddock and prawns in a creamy leak sauce with a large pot of potatoes. 

Then the best pudding of jam rollie pollie with custard 

Have you ever been to Whitby? 

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  1. Looks like you got good weather for it. We went to Whitby about 18 months ago and stayed in a holiday rental in the middle of the harbour (literally in the harbour - it had a little gangplank and got surrounded by water at high tide. It was the perfect wintery retreat. We definitely need to go again when it's summery though, it looks lovely in the sun. Loved the Magpie Cafe too.

    1. It was very picturesque and peaceful there. Definitely worth going back in the summer although I did not see a beach there. Your apartment sounds great. We stayed in an apartment near the centre of the town. Not sure if I fancy being trapped in at high tide. Xxxx