In wrexham

Visit back to Wales

I came back to Wales for the weekend to visit my parents and spent a bit of my time in the garden and hanging out with as many cats as I could find. 

I applied some dried flowers to my nails and unfortunately after a day of wearing them some of them have fallen off, but I think that was due to me not applying a topcoat. The ones in the picture have a topcoat on them and they are still attached. 

My parents cat watched me for quite a while. 

My mum was bought this pretty plant for Easter, it smells a bit funny though. 

We took a stop off at Marks and Spencer's for lunch where I had my usual - a mushroom toastie with a side salad. 

I took a visit to see my Nain and she had a few cats around at her house. 

Then this one which was waiting at the door to get in. 

They sat in the yard looking at each other for a bit then wandered off. 

I then went to see my brother and his cat. The cat sat by the fire all night getting warm. 

I took my Philosophy bag with me back to Wales for the weekend.  I won this bag and a few other bits from @DaveLackie I will be writing a post on the products soon. I just wanted to try them out first before writing a blog post on them. 

I spent a bit of time in the garden with the cat. It's a jungle out there. 

She finally found her way out of there 

I cut the front lawn for my parents 

The cat deicided or watch from indoors 

And my dad helped with the back 

I found some ladybugs in the garden too 

What have you done this weekend? 

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  1. I love the look of those nails. Would look amazing with a background colour onto them aswell.
    Kelly | Beauty and the Nails

    1. That's my next mission. I may do a post on them if I can find them again. Xxx