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Bath and Body Works Wish List

On Sunday I sat down in front of my laptop and found myself on the Bath and Body Works website. Seen as I was there I decided to share with you my wish list/shopping basket. Last time I went to Canada I bought quite a bit and I love my glitter body spray.

First up the famous hand santizers - I bought some of these when I was in Canada, but I did not get the full set. I love the scents of these. 

I also smelt this when I was in Canada. It smells like it says on the tin.

I didn't smell this one but I imagine it would smell delightful as all other things in Bath and Body Works smell great.

I want to buy this candle again as I love the smell of it and don't want to light it before buying another one.

I think this one will smell wonderful too. 

Buy here for $4.50

I wasn't a fan of the scents that weren't fruit as they were sickly.

I find it easier to shop in store than on the internet as I can smell every scent and run up and down the shop. Last time I was there I spent at least 2 hours in there.

What is your favourite purchase from Bath and Body Works?

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  1. I really wish B&BW would just open up a store here in the UK, I LOVE their stuff :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Me too, but when I visit Canada I make sure I spend a good while in there.

  2. I adore Bath and Body Works wish we had it here in the uk. Xx

    1. Me too I don't know why we don't have it. They would make millions! Xxx