In London

Bike Ride!

If you know me or follow my Instagram you'll know I love my vintage bicycle. I don't have a whole shot of my bike from this weekend but I did snap parts of it. 

I love the handle bars and the bell. The gears aren't much use though. I am constantly stuck in second gear which is impossible to cycle up hills so I have to push the bike up the hill till I get to the top and I can whizz down. 

My helmet is not the most stylish but it protects my head so I'm not bothered. The sunglasses are stylish though. 

I was trying to cycle to brockwell park but got a little lost along the way and ended up in Crystal Palace
Park, which to my delight was beautiful. My map may have got a little ripped along the journey. 

During my getting lost I did stumble across this old New York Taxi, which is something you don't see at all in London. It would be really cool if it worked. There was another old car next to it, but that wasn't as impressive. 

South East London is full of greenery which is great as Central London barely has any. 

There were plenty of pretty flowers in the park too, some that looked like butterflies 

Some that looked like roses, but weren't. 

A pretty blue bush buzzing with bees 

And a horse chestnut which looked like a candle 

There is a boating lake at Crystal Palace that had a few ducks on it. It looked so pretty with the sunlight shining on it. 

More beautiful scenery. 

They also have dinosaurs on the lake, not sure why but it's pretty cool. 

What do you like to do at the weekend? Have you ever been to Crystal Palace Park?

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