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Thinking about changing my blog name

I have thought about and toyed with the idea of changing my blog name for quite some time now and I am still undecided whether to change it or not. The reason why I want to change my name is due to my blog not really featuring as many London things as I had hoped when I started my blog.

I am worried that people click on my blog thinking it will be all about London and what an amazing city it is. I am sure they are disappointed when they see the content. I did ask a while back on twitter about my blog name and one person, sorry I cannot remember their name, suggested I place a disclaimer on my blog.

I am still wondering about changing the name - I have seen a few bloggers change the name of their blog and it seems to be a really quick process. 

This then leads me to what would my new blog name be? I love my name and want to keep it in the title. When I started my blog I called it Lorilee Loves but I quickly changed the name to Lorilee's London - as I live in London. 

Choosing another name is difficult and I am not really confident with the names I have listed below, which is why I haven't changed the name.

Potential names for my blog 

Adventures with Lorilee
Lorilee's World
Bonjour Lorilee
chéri Lorilee
Lorilee's Travels
Pretty Petals
Sunny days
Lorilee's Adventures

What do you think of the names I have listed above? 
Have you changed your blog name? Did you loose some of your audience?

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  1. This has been one of the first posts that I have seen since signing back into Blogger, which I think is great because I am thinking of returning back to blogging but with a new name/image.

    Anyway less of me and more of you; I definitely have to agree in terms of keeping your own name somewhere in the title. Lorilee is such a rare and unique name so, to me, keeping it in the name of the blog would be a clever idea. Therefore, my favourites are Lorilee's World, Travels and Adventures.


    1. Can't wait to see you back on the blogging scene. I have slipped out of it for a little bit, I started off the year so well!.

      I love Lorilee's World, but I am also swayed by Bonjour Lorilee It sounds summer and light hearted, which is what I want my blog to be.