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Winning a prize from Dave Lackie

Finally my post on my Philosophy prize I won from the wonderful Dave Lackie on Twitter. If you use twitter and are a beauty blogger then you'll have heard of Dave Lackie and his competitions I'm sure!  

All you have to do is follow Dave and RT the tweet for the prize you want to win. This is the tweet I retweeted. 

Next thing I know my phone is getting tweet after tweet after tweet with congratulations messages. Yay, I finally won something on Twitter. 

The prize came within a few days, which I was really surprised with seen as it had travel all the way from Canada. 

All of the products were new with their seals still intact, that's one thing Canada does well seals all beauty products. I love the tote that all the products came in. It is a perfect bag for the beach as it has a waterproof bottom and plenty of room to store my belongings. 

First up is the purity 3 in 1 eye cleanser. I thought this was a bubble bath when I retweeted the tweet, but when my package arrived I soon found out it wasn't. I wasn't disappointed with the result. 

This eye cleanser smells really fresh, the best way I can describe it is it smells like a wet wipe. It has a great consistency and spreads evenly across the face. This packaging does not tell me how to use the product, which I found slighty irritating. I know it's a cleanser and you place it on your face, but I wanted to know if I leave it there for a few minutes or maybe an hour? do I apply it with my hands or a face cloth? Is it supposed to lather up or not be soapy? Is it meant to be a cream and you just let it soak into your skin and you don't have to wash it off?  This packaging did not provide me with any answers what so ever. There was a little booklet attached to the bottom of the bottle but that didn't contain any information I wanted. I had to search the Internet for this. 

However, once I had found out my vital instructions I was able to get on with cleansing my beautiful face. Here I am with my facial cleanser applied to my face. 

Also in my prize was a travel size of my large cleanser. This will be super useful for when I go on holiday this summer to place in my hand luggage and I can cleanse my face when I arrive at my destination. 

Now this I could not wait for my summer holiday to use. The name sells it to me miracle worker overnight. If anything works miracles on my face over night I am there! In my head I have a picture of little people working away at fixing up my face, but in reality the chemicals in the product are being absorbed into my skin and working it's magic this way. 

The cream is light and not oily. Oily creams aren't pleasant and stick on my hands for a lingering amount of time before I get fed up of waiting and wash my hands. It absorbs into my skin straight away and has a light fragrance. Last thing I want at night is a really well fragranced night face cream. The last one I had was smelly and it made me feel queasy. My skin does feel softer now that I have applied this, but I'm not too sure what else it is supposed to do. 

I love the smell of this perfume. It is lightly fragranced and smells a lot like flowers, not sure which ones. I really like the smell of this and it is not over powering. There is nothing worse than an over powering perfume that lingers for the rest of the day. 

Living in London means having to deal with dry skin and hard water, which can take it's toll on my skin, especially my face. Some days my face gets really dry and flaky. I apply a moisturiser to my face on a daily basis, but it soon soaks up by the time I have reached my work. 

Which is why this day cream is brilliant it is really soft and silky. It feels really light when applied and is soaked into my face instantly not leaving me with a horrible shiney - I've just put face cream on my face - look. It is perfect for chucking in my handbag and applying to my face when on the train. 

Have you tried any Philosophy products? What did you think of them? I am really pleased with my prize and it has made me want to explore some more of the Philosophy range as I know their bubble baths smell amazing and the quality of these products is fabulous. 

Have you won anything from Dave Lackie? If so what did you get and leave me a link to where I can find your prize pictures. 

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  1. Well done Lorilee, lovely prizes!!! I was lucky enough to win an Yves St Laurent bundle from him just before Christmas, he was so lovely! But not only that, we got chatting and cutting a long story short, he asked if he could use my husbands proposal on air on his programme as my husband had given me a perfume that Dave was talking about on his programme, and because of this Dave sent me a huge extra pressie! He sent me a fabulous very very expensive make-up kit from Elizabeth Arden, absolutely full of make-up and brushes! I was thrilled to bits! So I really enjoyed your blog post as I shall be doing my own soon! Well done again and enjoy your prize!!! :-)

    1. I love all the prized he gives out and its a great feeling when he says you've won! That is so cool that he used your husbands proposal! That's very generous of him to send those extra gifts. I'd love to see your post on what gifts you were sent.


  2. Ps I was also massively surprised how fast my prizes arrived!! My Yves St Laurent Cracker full of goodies plus bottle of perfume and the massive make-up kit bag came in two days! Just in time for Christmas eve! Best pressies ever! :-)