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I got Engaged!!! In Montreal

As I said on my previous post on part 2 of my Summer in Montreal - Day 7 had extra bits. Here is why - I got engaged! After 10 years. I haven't put any photos up of the ring, because frankly I can't make my mind up and don't know what kind of ring I want. I keep looking at other ladies rings and thinking that's nice or that's nice, but I haven't found one that has wowed me yet. 

Where Tam Tam's was a few days after this was taken. 

So our walk up the mountain was really peaceful and quiet. We walked through the forest to the top. You could quickly climb the steps and get to the top, but going the long way round is much more fun!

Kit waited patiently for me, whilst I photography everything I saw. 

There was a pretty little stream close to the top. 

It was so beautiful to see all the greenery, as when I first saw it - everything was white and covered in snow. 

The views from the top were extraordinary. The city looks so picturesque from up here.   

I met a raccoon!

Having previously being told I will not see a raccoon, I was really excited that I saw one and photographed it. They are such cute creatures. 

After being a the top of the mountain for a good few hours, we decided to head back. Kit picked me this pretty flower. 

To get back to town we walked to the chalet at the top and observed the views from the other side of the mountain. I wanted to see this at night with all the lights lit up, but it didn't go dark for hours so we abandoned that plan. 

Me trying to take a selfie, but covered my face with my own shadow. 

This view is breath taking. 

All over Montreal are piano's in the street, where you can sit down and play whatever you want. I cannot play the piano so I just sat and had a picture taken. 

On the way down from the mountain Kit pulled me aside from the path, where everyone seemed to be walking and proposed in the woodland. I thought he was tying his lace, when he got on one knee. 

Eeeeee! Now I get to pick my own ring, this is a much harder task than I thought. 

Here is one of the first photos we had together back in 2004. 

After a lovely day up the mountain, we walked back to town and went for dinner in St Hubert. I had seen the delivery cars in the city and wanted to try here. Kit was asking me if I wanted to go somewhere more fancy, as this place was basically Nandos, but as I had not been there before I insisted we went. 

I know it's not very engagement friendly food or restauant, but I was happy going here and order a lot of food. 

I didn't want chips with my meal so I ordered this chicken caesar salad, which turned out to be a meal on it's own. 

I also had chicken and mash with gravy. 

This was delicious. 

I had such a wonderful day up the mountain taking pictures and Kit made it even more special by proposing. 

What's your proposal story?

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