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Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

Day 2 of my brother coming to visit me - the purpose of his visit - visiting Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium in Bethnal Green. 

Our booking was for 1:15pm and we arrived a little early at 1pm, but we walked up and down Bethnal Green High Street - the smells up there are amazing. 

Our first glimpses of Lady Dinah's from outside. 

You are asked to wait for someone to come and collect you and there is plenty of information about the cats on the wall, before you go in. 

The door that leads to Narnia, well almost, it's into the cat cafe. You go through this door into the washing area where you are briefed on the cats and asked to wash your hands. You are also told not to wake up any of the cats if they are sleeping as well as being told not to chase them and let them come to you.

And we're in! The cat wheel, which I have seen quite a few photos of on Twitter, takes centre place in the restaurant. Although during our time there no cats went on it. One of the ladies that worked there said this is due to the wheel no longer being a new toy and the cats have lost interest in it. 

We wandered around the cafe and looked at all the cats first. There were quite a few in the window.

After looking at all the sleeping cats we sat down and ordered some drinks and lunch.

It was mostly cold food available, but when eating the cats didn't seem bothered. We both had chicken bagels. 

We then ventured downstairs and one of the ladies in the cafe took this for us. 

Exploring downstairs - spot the cats. 

Cats trying to escape. 

You've got treats?

Well I'll take some of them

My brother got to feed the cat some treats. 

No more pictures please!

What you looking at?

Away from the visitors were the cats beds. 

We stopped for some cake

Loki curled up and went to sleep for 2 hours here. 

 I found some cats to stroke. 

You could sit and stroke the cats, but they didn't seem to want to sit on your lap. 

This cat moved from the window for some pictures. 

Just as we were about to leave some of the cats woke up and started climbing. 

Time to leave, one last selfie. 

I bought my mum a mug in the gift shop before we left and sent it home with my brother. 

Have you been to Lady Dinah's?

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  1. This place looks amazing! I definetely need to invest in a cat wheel for mine :)
    Rosie x

    1. It was so much fun! You should definetly go visit xx

  2. Wow! I've wanted to go for a while, how lovely to see inside! Thank you for sharing, great blog!

    1. Thanks :) it really was a fun experience. You should go xxx

  3. Love this post. I've seen some pretty negative reviews recently of Lady Dinah's but this one shows all the positives! I really need to book myself a table and get on down there! :)

    1. Definitely it is well worth the trip. Thank you 😊 xxx