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Trip to Brighton with my Brother

A few weeks ago my brother came to visit me in London as we were going for tea and cakes at Lady Dinah's - There will be a separate post on this shortly. He arrived on the Sunday and Lady Dinah's wasn't till Tuesday so I took him to Brighton for the day as he had never been and I think he liked it. 

We took the train from London Bridge around 11am and arrived in Brighton an hour or so later. There was a piano waiting to be played in the station, but someone had forgot to unlock the padlock so it never got played. 

As soon as we got off the train we headed for lunch. We walked down the main street from the train station to the town centre and found lunch in a really neat little place in The Lanes. The place we ate at looked like we were in someone's house, as we climbed the narrow staircase to the first floor, where a range of tables and chairs were laid out. 

I ordered the fish finger sandwich as we were by the sea and I guessed it would be good. My brother ordered the soup of the day, but we both tested it and didn't know the flavour.

I wasn't disappointed as the fish was fresh and wasn't bird's eye normal fish fingers. One down side was that we ordered drinks, but they did not come till after we had finished the food. 

Brighton was full of big beautiful hanging baskets. This was the view from the restaurant window. 

The view the other way up The Lanes. 

I think The Lanes are a magical place to explore as all the shops are independant and they sell some cool stuff like these guys. 

This image isn't very good as the reflection in the window got in the way. It is meant to be of a lady making the fudge in the shop.

We stepped inside the shop where my brother bought some fudge for the people he works with. They make it in this large pot. 

then spread it all over the marble counter and then dish it up into pieces like below. 

After we explored The Lanes and the high street we headed for the sea front. 

We walked all along the sea front, it was quiet and warm.

We made it to the beach hut's to take some pictures. 

My brother bought quite a bit in Brighton - books, fudge, tea bags. We found someone to take our picture. There wasn't many people around. 

I love these little beach huts and I think they would be the prefect place to hang out in the summer. 

I love number 73. We counted how many there were and I think there must have been 100 or more. 

After looking at the beach huts we walked back towards the town near the burnt pier. 

We stopped off at The Regent for dinner, where my brother had fish and chips

and I had a prawn cocktail. 

We carried on walking along the sea front towards the Pier. 

My brother was photographing the sunset, although it doesn't seem to have come out in this picture. 

We made it to the Pier, took some pictures and then had to run back for our train. 

Have you ever been to Brighton? What was the best place you visited? 

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