In holiday

Viva Espania!

I went on holiday with my Dad in August to Malaga, Spain. We took the plane from Manchester airport. The skies were clear for the flight so no turbulence. YAY!

I love a good plane shot. 

We arrived in Malaga, picked up our hire car, which was a white Fiat 500.

Then drove to the top of this mountain and saw the whole of Malaga in front of us. It was quite a cool view. 

We then took ourselves for some Tapas in the centre of Malaga. We had been to this restaurant before so we knew what we were getting. 

I then did my usual put my feet in the see photo. 

We walked along Malaga beach and stumbled across this sculpture. 

We looked at all the little shops and found some cool stuff. 

Every city I have been to this year seems to have these stinky horses. They carry their poo around with them and they smell bad because of the hot weather. 

We found this little kitten in a building site, when we went to buy our tickets to Gibraltar.

Another sea shot. 

Then we explored some of the beaches.

Then took a trip to Gibraltar for the day. We had to get up really early and take a bus for 3 hours, it took so long because we had to visit lots of different hotels to pick people up. 

We found some monkeys when we got there. 

My dad hanging out with the monkeys. 

Baby monkey awwww

When you enter and leave Gibraltar you drive over the runway, which is pretty cool.

The street of Gibraltar were well shaded and cool, until midday when it turned into an oven. The main street is full of perfume, alcohol and cigarette shops.

We took a bus tour around the rock of Gibraltar and saw some cool things, like this waterfall. 

Pretty scenery

And a Mosque

I swam in the sea for a couple of hours 

We visited a safari park and saw lots and lots of cool animals.

My dad made a few friends with the animals

This one tried to eat his shirt. 

This guy had escaped and was sat looking into the pen he had just escaped

On the last day we found a really good view of the beach 

and found some bush cats. 

Last selfie in the car before returning it. 

Then we went to the airport to come home

The flight was at night and the sky was beautiful

Where did you go on your summer holiday this year? Have you been to any of the places I have?

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  1. i love Malaga, i visited spain twice this summer! and i love your photos, them monkeys are so so cute! x

    1. It is the second time I have been there so it was pretty cool going there again remembering all the places we visited when we were last there. Spain is such a beautiful country. Gibraltar was awesome

  2. Your holiday looked lovely! I went to Turkey at the beginning of summer but I wish I went somewhere else too, greedy haha :)

    1. I would much rather prefer 2 weeks of work a year and the rest of time on holiday. That would suit me just fine. I have never been to Turkey, is it like Spain? Xxx

  3. Nice post! I used to live in Spain, it's a really nice country.

  4. This looks so amazing!! I've always wanted to go to Europe, especially Spain for the tapas! The sea pictures are so nice, makes me feel like I'm actually there. Thanks for sharing :)

    New post out today on breakfast burritos and Virginia vacations!

    Chowing Down by the Bay

    1. I like to make my readers feel like they are there with me through my pictures. Glad you like my post :) xxx

  5. Beautiful pictures! BTW, the food looks amazing. #yum :)

    1. Thank you! It really was :) Wish I was there eating all the food now. Spanish food is the best :)

      Lorilee x

  6. Stunning photography! Wow. I love the shots of the native animals - and especially the cute little town cat hanging out.

    1. Thank you so much! I love taking pictures :) Seeing the monkeys was amazing. My dad enjoyed it too :)
      My dad saw the cat first