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Where I have been this summer! Part 1

Inspired by seeing Emshelx posts on her recent (I mean happening now) trip to Montreal. I dug out my photo album/hard drive decided to write a post on my SUMMER trip to Montreal, I went in June for 2 weeks. 

First of all let me say summer in Montreal is much nicer than winter, but I guess that goes without saying. I visited Montreal for the first time in February - post found here. There is plenty of snow and you have to wrap up warm.

This was the first time, when I went in February, I had been on a plane on my own for such a long time and to be honest it felt no different to being on a train or a car on my own. I had all my technology with me to keep me entertained. Soon as I walked out of the airport the heat hit me, like walking into an oven. It made such a big difference compared to the winter and the cold hitting me and I wanted to run right back into the airport and not leave, but so glad I did. 

The reason why I took my summer holiday to Montreal was to visit my boyfriend, Kit, who lives there.

Day 1

I got off the plane at 5pm and took the bus downtown to Kit's apartment, as I had visited before I knew the way and was able to walk the 8 blocks without being warned by a local that it is too cold to walk that distance and I should pay for the bus. Everything on the ground looked different - green - the only way I knew where to get off the bus was looking at the skyscrapers.

Once I had thrown my bags into his apartment and stuffed my camera into my handbag, we went to Kazu the best Japanese restaurant in town, as you can see from the queue. We had to wait about 30 minutes before we got in, but it was worth it. 

There is a normal menu and the specials are displayed on paper on the walls, you order and then the chef cooks it

- in our case - in front of us as we were sat at the bar.

My pork dish was delicious and was served first. I photographed my food and Kit's food with in an inch of its life - I got some funny looks from the locals. 

The pork and the ginger went really well together. 

Then Kit's food arrived, talk about food envy! He had ordered the best thing in there - BBQ ribs on a bed of mashed potato and lots of other goodies.

 I really wanted to swap, but I am sure he wouldn't have appreciated me doing that (certainly wouldn't if it was the other way around). 

Whilst we were in Kazu, the queue was getting larger and larger. People came in, sat down, ate and left. There was no rush to you eating your food and people seemed to order several dishes. Whilst all this was happening the chef was also busy cooking food for their delivery service too. 

That was my Day 1 in Montreal complete, as I had been up since 5am UK time I was pretty tired.

Day 2 

Waking up to this beautiful view was amazing (ignore the construction site, look at the skyline).

At Water Market - this is a beautiful market that sells a mix of flowers and vegetables as well as bread and other goodies. 

We walked along Lachine Canal to At Water. Seeing the canal again in the summer was such a shock

as I had seen it like this 

and it was such a beautiful day and lots of things to see like these huge benches 

and these two old men enjoying a game of chess. 

The lights above the market are so pretty, I loved the vibrancy of the yellow. 

If I lived there I would have bought one of these beautiful hanging baskets, they are huge. 

It felt like there was flowers and flowers for miles!

If only Kit had a garden, I would have bought loads of these plants. 

Just like the hanging baskets the fruit and vegetable market was just as colourful.

After having walked around for a while we decided to stop and get some food. I love ordering food in Montreal as the menu's or boards are in French and it takes a while to work out what there is to eat. We both got pizza. 

Once we had explored the outdoor market we went inside. This has got to be one of my favourite photos. Everyone getting on with their shopping while one man stops and takes it all in (I think he's eating, but it sounded good right?)

There was a boulangerie in the indoor market, and like Kazu, it had a huge queue of people wanting to get the best bread and cakes in town. 

Day 3

I took my first Halo Taxi and I was really impressed with the fact that you can order a cab on an app and it is with you in less than 2 minutes. Snap in my first Halo taxi.

Where were we taking the Halo to? To La Banquise for breakfast, La Banquise is a 24h restaurant that is well known for its pountine dishes, but as it was 10am I didn't fancy pountine at that time in the morning. However, there were some locals in there eating it. 

I order an omlette, which came with fruit and potatoes on the side. This is how Montrealian's like their breakfasts served. I palmed off my toast to Kit as I don't really like it. 

Kit had the Banquise breakfast with this little pot of cretons goodness. Cretons is a pork spread containing onions and spices, it's a Quebec thing. 

After having started the day with a big breakfast we left the restaurant and walked blocks and blocks to Mile End to see the shops.

Having walked for who knows how long, we reached a la Folie - Montreal's macaroon shop. The best one in town. 

The macaroons were delicately displayed with lots and lots of detail for something someone is going to gobble up!

Having never tried macaroons I thought that now was the best time to try them seen as I was in the best macaroon shop. 

Having chosen my selection of macaroons Kit trotted to the counter and paid. They gave us such a large bag for a really small box. 

We walked to a near by park and took some pictures in this really large green chair. 

There are lots and lots of these large chairs all around the city. 

We sat down and tucked into the macaroons and I honestly don't know what the fuss is about them. They are alright, but I would much rather a trifle to 6 of these. Now that I have tried them, I won't be going to purchase them again. 

After finishing off the macaroons we carried on looking at the shops in Mile End and then went on a mural hunt. In Montreal over the summer there is a mural festival, where graffiti artists from all over the world come to compete. 

Discovering them is like playing hide and seek in the city. 

After all this walking we then stopped to get some David's Tea 

and I tried my first cronut - WOW this was delicious! 

We did some more shopping and I found this cute Fox cushion, but it wasn't forsale. I would like to argue that if it's not forsale then why the heck is it in your window display?

Off we went again to Fairmount Bagel - another one of Montreal's finest eating establishments. We got there expecting a restaurant, but it was just a bakery that baked bagels and sold some with fillings. When you go in there you need to know what you want and how many. These people have no time for people to decide as its a really small shop. 

These bagel makers are not messing around, the all dressed bagel with cream cheese is the best. I could have eaten 10 of these, but I stopped at 1.

However, we did purchase 5 of these all dressed bagels to take home. 

Off we went again! This time to Schwartz's for dinner, this is Montreal's best smoked meat house, lots of celebrities have visited and like Fairmount Bagel they take no prisoners when it comes to ordering. You need to know what you want and how you want it. I know what you are thinking how the heck have you eaten so much in 1 day. A lot of walking and fresh air makes me hungry. Also by the time we reached Schwartz's it must have been about 6pm. 

Slaw and fries are the desired sides to go with your smoked meat sandwich. 

The smoked meat sandwich is on white bread with American mustard. 

Schwartz's is a diner style restaurant that specialises in smoked meat. You can order your smoked meat from there for christmas or any other religious holiday. The staff in there were friendly and full of questions of where you from, do you like Montreal and so on. 

We walked back to the apartment and this building looked stunning whilst the sun was setting. 


Day 4

St Bruno here we come! I wanted to visit Bath and Body Works to get my fix, but the only one in Montreal when I visited was in St Bruno Mall about an hour away by bus or 20 minutes in a Halo. We took the Halo. There is one going to be opening soon in the Montreal Eaton Centre, but it wasn't open during my visit. 

We took the bus back to Montreal and I did some recycling. Why am I excited about recycling in Montreal?  

Because they pay you for it. 

change to get the bus back from St Bruno

When I visited this Mall in the winter I saw a Walmart across the car park, but as there was so much snow and it was freezing I didn't get to visit, but this time we went in and spent a good 3 hours in there. They had so much stuff! We left with a bag of food. 

Now the reason why I came to this mall, the first time I came here I spent 2 hours looking around and at everything. 

This time I was prepared and had already checked their website for what I wanted to buy. 

I went at the right time as they were having their annual summer sale, where it seemed like everything was dirt cheap. Also I spent over $20 which meant I got an item up to $10 for free. 

My purchases - candles, hand santizer, soap and candle displays. 

Kit stopped for a tea break whilst I was busy in Bath and Body Works.

After the bus right back to the city, we went to a really nice restaurant that allows you to bring your own bottle. 

Kit had some duck pasta 

and I had this yummy pizza.

Day 5

We woke up to a storm, in my eagerness to go to the mall yesterday I didn't check the weather. 24th June is Jean Baptise Day in Montreal. I really wanted to see the parade and other festivities, but it all got rained off.

After the rain had cleared we took a walk around The Old Port. Habitat 67 is beautiful piece of architecture to see. I have never seen anything like it. There are people who live in there, which is what fascinates me the most.  

Montreal is full of these horse and cart rides, but they smell sooo much!

More pretty flowers. We carried on walking around the shops at the Old Port. 

This is my part 1 to my summer trip to Montreal, I loved being there and there is so much to see and do.  I shall be uploading part 2 shortly. Have you ever been to Montreal and seen any of the places I went to?

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  1. Is post is amazing I love all of these photos! So jealous, looks like such an awesome trip. I have yet to try and Cronut I can only imagine they taste like heaven!! Such a lovely blog xx

    1. Cronus are amazing well this one was at least. I love photography and constantly have a camera glued to my face. Xxx