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Where I have been this summer! Part Deux!

Hopefully you will have already read part 1 of this post here. If not then head there before reading on. 

Continuing with the days...

Day 6

 I went exploring and the area around where my boyfriend works and scenery is beautiful and French. 

I even managed to take a picture of myself with the Molsen clock, just to the right of this photo is a train track that runs along the old port. The trains that travel this track are huge! I've never seen a train so big. 

This afternoon we went to Cacao 70 and BOY this was GOOOOOD! 

Kit had the best waffle with cream and cream I have ever seen and tasted. 

I on the other hand had this apple and cinnamon pancake and it wasn't as yummy as what Kit had. Again I really wanted to swap. You can also get chocolate pizza's in there. 

After our desserts for lunch we walked around and we found this Parisian Metro Station in Montreal. It was just like being in Paris, but without the Eiffel Tower. 

We then went bowling and I won! I snapped this cool sign, in the bowling all, but I was told no pictures were allowed, which was a shame as the bowling alley is vintage and cool.

Day 7

Today was the day that I discovered the store Hudson Bay, the best I can describe it is that it is a lot like Debenhams. After I walked around this shop I sat in the park opposite and waited for Kit to finish work. I sat in a quiet area where the bird were hopping in and out of the plants below. I tried to snap them, but they were too quick - actually I was too slow focusing my camera.  

We then did some more walking,  this time in the direction of lunch, and on the way saw another of Montreal's Murals. You can spend a good day hunting down these murals and observing their beauty. 

Today's food place was Patati Patata - Kit had heard (good) things about this restaurant, which is why we came for lunch here. The staff were super friend and welcoming. 

Kit ordered a burger first, this came and he was still hungry so he ordered a hotdog. 

We sat in Patati Patata for a while and ordered a jug of iced tea to share. 

Homemade iced tea is the best. 

After having lunch, we walked Mont Royal and the views up there were amazing! We climbed it in the winter, but only up 1 side of it. This time we ventured to the other side. 

There is also a large cross up Mont Royal and it is covered in lights. I wanted to stay up there to photograph it but it didn't go dark till 10pm and it was only 6:30pm when I took this. 

The rest of what happened up Mont Royal will be appearing in another post soon so watch out for that...

The park at the bottom of Mont Royal

After the mountain climb we walked back into the town and there a lots of beautiful buildings around. 

After the mountain climb we went for something to eat and drink. I love homemade lemonade, I am not too much of a fan of fizzy drinks. 

I had the pulled pork burger with a caesar salad and the salad was the best bit, even Kit agreed. 

After the food we went for a walk around all of the cute little shops and this cushion caught my eye. 

We walked along the Old Port and the lighting was beautiful 

We headed home via the canal and I managed to get a shot of the famous Farine Five Roses sign. This is a mill where they make flour. 

The calm canal on a really warm summers evening. 

We returned back to my boyfriend's apartment. I love the colours of the sky in this photo, that I took from his balcony. 

Day 8

Today I do not remember what we did, so lets move onto day 9.

Day 9

Old port, Clock Tower and Fire Works

We started the day with another beautiful day walking along the canal. I really wanted to hire a bike to cycle the length of it, but as we had already walked it we didn't. 

There are lots of old derelict factories along the canal and I bet if you were allowed in them there would be some great pictures. 

We wandered in the direction of the Old Port 

And found this artist making a sand sculpture. There had already been a pirate, but the artist had changed him into a mermaid. 

The reason for today's walk was to climb the clock tower. I was so pleased to see it was open this time. We came a few days earlier about 8pm and it was closed. To get to the clock faces you have to climb over 200 steps. I am not one for heights so this was kind of a struggle. 

Window to the world, well Montreal at least. 

As I mentioned before I am not one for heights so I chickened out on climbing right to the top. Kit went up with my camera and took some pictures for me, including this one of me. 

Behind the times

Finally out of the clock and back on firm ground. 

It is so pleasant here in the old port. Summer in Montreal is lovely.

Nothing in Montreal is over crowded. 

These small boats you can rent remind me of the ones in Central Park in New York. 

The reason why we spent so much time at the Old Port today was due to the fact that it was opening night at the fireworks festival that Montreal hosts each year. I would have loved to have seen all of the shows. They were held every Saturday for about 6 weeks.

After the fireworks were over we went for Beaver Tails. A friend of Kit's, Andy, introduced them to us. I recommend that if anyone goes to Montreal they should go to this cafe in the Old Port and get themselves a beaver tail. 

Kit's Oreo beaver tail

My apple and cinnamon beaver tail.

After this we walked back with Andy and went to Kit's apartment.

Day 10

Another action packed day ahead of us and back to Mont Royal. We walked from downtown Montreal to Mont Royal. It was a pleasant walk and we even saw someone making these cool monkey balloons. 

We walked through Chinatown where a lot seemed to be happening, but I wasn't sure what. 

The purpose of us going to Mont Royal was to see Tam Tams. The name intrigued me the most Tam Tams? I thought. It turns out Tam Tams is meant to represent the beat of the drums that people bring with them. 

I thought this beer bottle top path was pretty cool. 

Hundreds of Montrealians come to the bottom of Mont Royal every Sunday during the summer. People have BBQ's and picnics. Don't worry about forgetting to bring food. There are plenty of people walking round selling sandwiches and other goodies. 

There a small stalls to buy things from too, like drums and bracelets. 

The area where they play the drums was packed with people banging away. 

Drums aren't the only instrument played at Tam Tams there are lots of others. People were dancing to the beat of the drums. 

Whilst the drums were being played there were quite a few people tight rope walking between the trees. 

After all of this excitement at Tam Tams we then went back to Schwartz's, for the second time this trip, for our dinner. 

Day 11 
Today we visted the Botanical Gardens and the Olympic stadium 

Montreal's Olympic Stadium looks like a space ship has just landed. I am pretending that I have won first place, my trophy is a water bottle due to there not actually being any trophies to hold. 

Our walk back to the apartment was beautiful as the sun was setting and the city looked orange. 

Day 12 - Canada Day 

Now this was one of the reasons why I booked my trip to visit when I did. Canada in Montreal is a big event. I am going to write a longer post on the parade as this post is pretty big as it is. 

We watched the parade come down Saint Catherine. Here is a sneak peak at the Parade. 

There were lots of people lining the streets with their flags. 

After the parade we then went for lunch in Reuben's.

Reuben's is a lot like an American diner, you sit in a booth. To get to the restaurant you had to walk down, what felt like 100 steps. 

I ordered the caesar salad, I wasn't expecting the plate to be so big! Kit ordered the cheese burger. 

Then we shared this delicious chocolate cake. The slice could have done with being 3 times as big. 

After our large lunches we walked to McGill University and sat in the park for a while then headed to get some drinks and a snack. 

I have no idea what this cake thing was, but I can tell you that I will not be buying one again. It was really stodgy and wasn't very tasty. It was like someone had rolled a ball of dough and not cooked it properly. 

After the walk to McGill, we came back to the Old Port to watch the Canada Day fire works. Montreal really knows how to put on a fireworks show. 

We had a really great view from the car park. 

After the fire works we went for lemonades and food. 

I had a bagel and Kit went for this, again I had food envy. 

Day 13 

My last day in Montreal :( this came around far to quick. I felt like I had only just got off the plane and  I was going back on it. I really wanted to go to this restaurant, called Sesame.

I had chicken chow mien and an endless supply of hoy sin sauce. 

Pretty Pretty lights. 

Even the water displensers were cool. I loved the cucumber water. 

Shortly after this I boarded the bus to the airport with Kit and took my flight back to London. I hope to visit Montreal again, as you can see I love to take pictures and explore new places. 

My favourite picture Kit took of me this trip.

Have you ever been to Montreal and seen any of the places I visited? What did you think? 

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