In London

A week of Lorilee's Adventures

I was thinking about making this a regular feature as I love to take pictures and I seem to have done quite a bit this week.

My week began in style with a pub crawl at the weekend with my colleagues. We wore silly hats and crawled from pub to pub. Stowielee, my brother from another mother.

More craazzy hats the fox was my favourite.

The pub crawl ended in Euston and I walked from Euston to Charing Cross Station, if you know London that is about an hours walk. I didn't mind though as I saw these pretty lights. 

On Monday morning it seemed like Autumn had arrived over the weekend with a bang.

Tuesday saw a beautiful sunrise, with pink and orange skies. 

Pretty views when I got to the train station. 

I walked through Chinatown on my way home with my friend and she pointed these cakes out. Fish cakes.

The trains were all cancelled from Charing Cross on Wednesday and I was forced to use the underground to get home. I got lost down there. 

Thursday was ladies who lunch at Dozo. I love this place and they do the best bento boxes. 

Ladies who lunch, the other lady who lunched took the picture. I stole it from her instagram.

Friday was packed with treats 

Then out for birthday drinks with my friends 

This concludes my week in picture. Did you like this post and want to see more like it? Let me know and I'll carry on doing them. 

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this :) YAY for more posts like this!! xx

    1. Sorry for the delayed response. So glad you liked it. I think I will do more posts like this.