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Do I buy the Canon S120?

For a while now I have been thinking about buying the Canon S120

Image from John Lewis.

I already own a Canon 500D DSLR and I love that camera.

All my cameras I have had have been a Canon and I find that they are really simple to use and the menus don't vary too much from one model to another. 

I recently did some research into reviews for the Canon S120 and found this one by Camera Labs it goes into a lot of detail with the different modes and how they work. I really like the idea of filming things. When I visited Canada in the summer I tried to film as much as I could but holding my DSLR up constantly to film things made my arms ache and ache. 

I particularly like the auto focus option whilst you are filming, it can focus onto close up or far away objects. I also like the timelapse and the miniature effect. 

Does anyone have a Canon S110? What do they think of that and how does it compare to the S120?

Do any of you own the Canon S120? I feel like it is really expensive for a compact camera at £270. 

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  1. I can't comment on the S120 but I had the S95 (which I can only imagine is a much much earlier version) and loved it - small, compact, manual controls - fantastic.

    1. I shall check out that camera too. I really like the idea of vlogging so I have found a canon G7X that is perfect for it. I may write another post like this on that one too.



  2. Camera Labs is such a great site! It helped me to purchase my blog camera :)