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I'm changing my blog name!

I am changing my blog name and moving it from Lorilee's London to Lorilee's adventures as I feel like I backed my self into a niche, by calling my blog Lorilee's London.I assumed that my readers came to my blog to read all about London and I was afraid they would be disappointed as I didn't write that much about London. 
However, after many brainstorms and countless entries I have decided to rename my blog and call it Lorilee's Adventures. I feel like it will represent me better than Lorilee's London. Even though I have lived in the capital since 2005, its been nine interesting years and I have lived all over starting off with Surbiton, then to Kingston, then to Angel and now to Brockley where I have been for the past 4 years. 

I hope you save my new link and visit regularly.

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