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London Bridge Station - What a shambles!

I wanted to share with you my old commute to work via London Bridge. Over the next 4 years London Bridge, railway station, is getting a make over. It's almost like it is having open heart surgery, whilst the patient is still awake.

This has got to be one of the busiest train stations in London, with people whizzing through at all times of the day and night. As there is such a large volume of people getting off trains, moving through the station and getting on trains - you would think that the safety of passengers would be priority, maybe it is but it certainly doesn't feel like it. As passengers queue up the platforms waiting to board the train, but the platforms aren't very wide and there is the possibility that someone is pushed and falls onto the track.

Platforms are announced 4 to 5 minutes before the train is scheduled to depart, meaning there is always a stampede of people heading for that train. 

Trains are never usually at the platform when you get there so there is always the danger of someone falling, as they stand waiting for the train to come in. Then once the train has arrived the platform is then packed full of people waiting to board the train and the people trying furiously to get off it. If the staff at London Bridge organised this a bit more then there wouldn't be so much chaos.

One safety measure has been put in place only on platform 15, where passengers are kept in a pen and only released when the passengers have disembarked the train. This helps with the volume of passengers on the platform, but again it causes a stampede of boarding passengers trying to get a seat.

Once you have finally managed to board the train, with seconds to spare, you are crammed into a carriage with hundreds of other commuters trying to get home. 

And that's just the journey out of London Bridge. Then there is the journey to London Bridge which isn't much fun either, trains are frequently delayed, without warning. No matter what time I get to my station the train is never on time. Frequently making me late. 

Trains on the way to London Bridge in the morning frequently stop, outside New Cross Gate, without any explanation for a good 10 to 15 minutes.

Then at weekends there is frequently a rail replacement bus service to London Bridge as they close the station. I am not complaining about them providing a bus service, but my problem lies with where the rail replacement bus service stop is. I have been, on several occasions, waiting for the bus where the stop was the last time to then be told that it had been moved to the other side of the station. Southern Trains need to decide where the stop is and to keep it there. 

I ask myself how do Southern Trains operate this service. The trains are frequently delayed, sometimes even cancelled leaving two trains worth of passengers to cram into 1 train. Passengers of Southern trains have no option but to use them as they are the only ones that operate from there station, well that was the case for me and each year the train prices go up and the service seems to get worse.

Does anyone else use this station? Do you experience and express the same views as me regarding the service being provided by Southern recently?

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