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My Friend got MARRIED

I love this photo of the two of them. Confetti shots are the best. 

This is the outfit I chose to wear on the day. I bought this dress about 3 or 4 years ago from New Look in the sale, it is one of Kelly Brook's Dresses. It is slowly becoming one of my favourite pieces. As you can see I bought my friend a few gifts for her special day. My shoes are from Primark about 9 years ago and surprisingly they are still in one piece.

My dad took these photos before I was driven to the church with my mum to see Fiona get married. 

Their wedding was bicycle themed as he proposed to her on a scenic bike ride in Scotland. 

The wedding cake took all the guests breath away. It certainly isn't the traditional wedding cake but boy was it a show stopper. I had seen cakes like this on the internet but I had not see one in person before. I spent quite a while photographing it. I think I have about 40 pictures of this cake from all different angles. 

The happy couple cutting cut their cake in the church hall where tea and cake was served before we travelled to the reception. There were these giant flowers decorating the church hall.  

Reception time. I travelled in my car with my friend Amy. The lovely thing about this reception was that there wasn't a seating plan, people could sit wherever they wanted. I loved this idea as it seemed no one was disappointed where they sat. 

Tapas was served as our meal at the reception and this was quite the feast. 8 people were sat at the table I was on and everyone had plates piled high. Tapas isn't the traditional meal at a wedding but it worked really well. 

They also had their own ale brewed for the special occasion, guests could help themselves to bottles of it throughout the night.

The reception was quite interactive from the serve your own tapas for dinner, pick up your own ale and take a photo of yourself. Amy and I managed to get a waitress to take our picture for the wheel, but it did take us a while to work out how the camera works. 

Once you had taken your picture you pegged it to the wheel and wrote a little message for them. 

After a fantastic day at Fiona's wedding, Amy and I got a picture with the lovely bride before we left.

Have you been to a wedding recently? Was it as lovely as the one I went too?

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