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Climbing Mont royal - Montreal

It's a long way to the top! climbing Mount Royal at the start of the winter, in all my winter attire, was exhausting. I skipped up it in the summer. I walked from downtown Montreal to the top, with lots of photo breaks in between. 
The views up there are spectacular and this is a must, come rain or shine, you need to climb up here. You can also drive, but where is the fun in that. The walk through the woods is beautiful.

Currently the trees are bare as all the leaves have fallen to the ground. I love that the leaves on the trees furthest away are still there like the leaf pickers haven't got that far up the mountain yet. 

Nearly to the top! At this point I was really hot in all my winter wear. 

Autumn leaves hit the ground. 

The VIEW! I finally made it to the top. Every step is worth it for this. This photo doesn't do justice of how nice this is. 

I sat in the château at the top getting warm, watched the sun set and the lights twinkle. 

As darkness fell I realised that there weren't many lights on the stairs on the way down so I took this quick snap and skipped down to the bottom.

Montreal at night is beautiful. I would have stayed up there a bit longer, but I was getting cold and hungry so I left. 

Montreal through the trees is so pretty. The street with all the cars looks like larva. 

My very shaky selfie from the top of the mountain. I wrapped up warm and took lots of photos. I had a great afternoon up there. 

Have you ever climbed Mount Royal? Were you impressed with the view as much as I was? I can't wait to climb it again in the snow and sit by the fire in the château.  

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  1. This pictures are so amazing! That's one city I really have to see. That's going on my ever expanding wander-list!
    Girl in a Whimsical Land

    1. All I would advise is that you visit here in the summer and not the winter. You can't really do anything in winter other than get cold and moan about how cold it is. It's strange being here in the summer when you have experienced how cold the winter can get. Defineitly worth a visit though.



  2. Ah some really gorgeous pictures here. That's why I like Autumn, the colours of the leaves, just beautiful.xx

    Honeypot Blogs

    1. Thank you :) I really wanted the leaves to be more golden, but I had missed that by a few weeks. Still looking pretty though.


  3. Autumn in New York looks so dreamy! You must be freezing though >.<


  4. That's awesome! I got winded just looking at all those stairs! Haha