In montreal

Hello Montréal

This week I swapped my Oyster card for a pair of snow boots and a big coat. I now live in Canada. It sounds so strange to say and to actually be here. The view from our new apartment. 

I had the biggest portion of coleslaw I have ever seen. I asked for a sandwich with a side of coleslaw but got coleslaw with a side of sandwich. 

First stop was bath and body works. The place was full of pumpkin scented things and unfortunately I do not like the smell of it. I did however like the turkey just to the right of the photo. I may go back and buy him. 

We then travelled to Atwater and I found some really pretty pumpkins. I have never seen so many pumpkins and all there different colours. 

Now that the pumpkin season is over apples seem to be the next thing. So many apples. 

After wandering around outside looking at all of the different types of pumpkins we stepped inside Atwater and went to the boulangerie and picked up the most amazing bread and cakes. 

After exploring Atwater we went back and sampled all the food we picked up at the market. 

Have you ever been to Montréal? It is such a colourful city. 

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