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Montreal - Jardins de Lumière

I made it to the Montreal - Jardins de Lumière! I attended the very last day and it was well worth the trip. The Jardins de Lumière  was held in the Montreal Botanical Gardens. The lanterns were spectacular, they definitely took my breath away.  

It was spectacular to see and the best seeing at night as this is when the lanterns look their best. These were the first set of lanterns I saw. 

The Montreal botanical garden is situated in the old Olympic park from the 1970 Montreal Olympic games, the strange shaped building in the back was the stadium, you can still travel up this and see the views. 

From every angle you experience the true beauty of the lanterns. 

Here I am enjoying the Jardins de Lumière wrapped up warm in my winter attire. It is cold in Montreal this time of year. 

Have you been to the Montreal - Jardins de Lumière? What did you think of this? Would you visit if you had the chance? What do you think of this post? 

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  1. This looks like paradise! I love a good show of lights. Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures. :)
    Girl in a Whimsical Land

    1. It really was amazing. The best bit was going in the dark. I don't think seeing it in the day would have been as spectacular



  2. Oh wow looks amazing!! You're so lucky to have gotten to experience it!

    1. It was amazing to see, I hope to find more things like this