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The Zoella Advert

4 weeks ago I uploaded this picture of Zoella's YouTube advert, which was being shown with 3 other adverts at London Bridge Station. I was shocked at the amount of likes it received, as to me it is just an advert. But to others it is more than an advert and what it represents. 

Zoella is like you an me an ordinary girl with a blog and a YouTube channel. Admittedly she's YouTube famous and has a pamper range at Superdrug as well as a books coming out, but it provides hope to the rest of us that if you enjoy something you can make it as successful as you want. Zoella has been on the front page of countless magazines, features regularly on the Boohoo Instagram account, is an ambassador, has featured on Radio 1, travels the world - the list is endless.

Part of the reason why the image was seen by so many was, I think, due to Zoella liking the picture. I still don't fully understand how Instagram works. My instagram feed has never been so crazy. I can only imagine what Zoella and the other YouTubers experience when they upload to Instagram or write a new tweet.

I have seen several magazines and newspapers with the tag line - the most famous girl you have never heard of. This is a generational thing, of course your grandparents may have never heard or even seen Zoella, but youngsters of today with their head in the internet clouds know who she is and what she does. Lots of companies are recognising the power of YouTubers and bloggers. They sign them up to talk about their products and help boost sales. Bethany Worrall wrote a really good blog post on this very topic which you can find here

Have you seen any of these YouTube adverts? I heard there was one on television as well, but I didn't see it.  

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