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Audible review

As many of you know that Zoella has just released her first novel - Girl Online. I wanted to buy the book, but as I am in Canada the only way I could get my hands on it was via an audio book. 

I saw on Facebook an advert saying that one of my friends likes Audible. I saw that if you signed up then you get 1 month free and 1 book free. I love anything that is free.

Audible costs £7.99 a month for their service. The book I purchased was Zoella - Girl Online for Free. Normal price is £10.99. But as I was new to the service I just had to handover my bank details via Amazon and had to pay nothing. I must remember to cancel this service after 30 days or I start getting charged a subscription fee. I blanked out the description of the book so I don't spoil the story for anyone. 

To sign up and get a free book then click here

I signed up on my laptop, downloaded it on my iPhone and listened to it on my iPad. The purchase of the book was simple. I searched for the title, bought it, downloaded it and began listening. 

I really liked the ease of Audible and how easy it was to use across multi platforms with no problems whatsoever. This is a plus in my eyes 

I am not sure that I am able to keep the audio book after my 30 day trial expires, but having listened to it I don't think I want to hear it again. 

I am glad that I have listened to the book and look forward to the second one.

Audible tells you at what listening level you are at, which is handy, but I don't get the purpose of this. I guess to make you more competitive, to download and listen to more books. 

It also shows you the listening time as well, but again I don't get the point of this. Maybe it is useful to someone. 

Hannah Tointon narrates the story and I am not sure if she would have been my choice if I were to choose who were to narrate this book. Not too sure who I would choose. Her voice is annoying and it makes me want to go to sleep. 

(picture from her Twitter

 I would like to know what the book would be like had Zoe narrated it herself, but unless she does this then we will never know.

After I have listened to this book. I will be unsubscribing from the Audible service as there are no other books I want to listen to. 

Have you ever used Audible? What did you think of their service? 

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  1. I have heard of this service before but frankly, I'm not sure how I feel listening to someone narrating a book to me. It seems like a weird idea. Just noticed that you recently moved to Montreal, Canada, where were you from previously? I recently moved from Malaysia to BC too. xx

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. After I finished the complete book I really enjoyed listening to it on Audible. I listened to most of it whilst I was shopping alone and travelling on the Metro. I moved from London to Montreal and the weather here is certainly a lot colder here than it is there. Where is BC? Malaysia sounds so warm.



    2. Thank you for letting me know you replied! It's the one thing that annoys me about Blogger comment there's never a notification if someone replies to me hence I change to Google+ comment few months back. Malaysia is very warm so it's a huge change for me when we moved from there to British Columbia. I'm close to Vancouver so it's warmer than Montreal. xx

    3. I totally agree, if I was clever enough I would create a way that bloggers knew that their comment had been replied too! I know you can tick the notification box, but that gives you all comments on the post. I just want to know about mine. After I asked where BC was I thought about it and guessed right, go me! Anywhere in the world seems to be warmer than Montreal right now.