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Dinner at Dinnette Triple Crown Montreal

Last week we visited the highly reviewed Dinnette Tripple Crown Restaurant in Montreal. Dinnette Triple Crown sells Southern comfort food and has a great atmosphere. Their Mac and Cheese is the best thing on the menu!

DTC for short because I'm not going to have any fingers left if I type it every time. Is a small restaurant located close to the corner of Rue Clark and Rue St Zotique West in Montreal.

I read reviews on the internet before we went there and come shine or snow there are queues, or if you are Canadian line ups, at the door. There was plenty of food to choose from.

We arrived at exactly the right time. As we arrived a couple were leaving their seats - que us squishing each others hands hoping that we get the seats. We were immediately seated (YES!). The waitresses were really helpful - explained all the specials and any other questions we had regarding the menu. We ordered and waited for our delicious food to arrive. 

We didn't have to wait all that long for our drinks and food to come, but whilst we were waiting another couple arrived and were seated, after that everyone else who wanted to dine in was told the restaurant was full as a party had arrived for their dinner. There isn't much room in the restaurant as there are a total of about 8 chairs for diners to sit at. Whilst we waited I took a few snaps of the decor.

The restaurant also do take out and there were plenty of people opting for this. It was a Saturday night after all. The restaurant, although small, had lots of old pictures displayed. It gave the restaurant a homely feel as some of the people pictured were working in the kitchen. 

We ordered the homemade lemonade and that it was. The waitress made it at the bar in front of us. 

She also added some other flavours that made it taste a little sweet but it worked well with the sharp lemon. I had to resist downing this in one. It tasted so good. 

We ordered Meat and 3, which is 1 main and get 3 sides with it, but the mac n cheese counted as 2. I would have happily just had the mac n cheese on its own as it was delicious and a large portion.

I ordered the southern fried chicken with mac n cheese and coleslaw. Looking at this picture has made me want mac and cheese for the past 30 minutes as I type this post.

I also ordered a side of gravy as well, which I didn't really need because I had everything else, so why not? Tasted good though. 

My boyfriend went with the meat and 3 and had smoked brisket with braised greens, hush puppies (which are essentially some fried potato balls) and mash with gravy. His meat was delicious and tender. I wasn't so keen on the braised vegetables or the hush puppies. 

I think I ordered the best meal out of the two of us. I really want to go back for that mac n cheese it really is the best. 

Also in the restaurant they sell their own pickled goods which are on display above the diners heads 

Have you ever been to Dinette Triple Crown? What did you order? If you haven't been then get yourself down there! 

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  1. Iv'e been to Montreal a few times and I LOVE the food there. I was indulging in the French onion soup almost every night! Is that mac and cheese? it looks delicious!

    1. It's great here! I really need to try the French onion soup as everyone I speak to says I must try it. Yep that's the best Mac and cheese I've ever had. It was!

      Lorilee :)

  2. You just inspired me on what to cook today! I have always at loss on what to serve with Mac n' Cheese, we love it but just never know what to pair it with. And it's 8.15am here and that food picture is making me soooo hungry!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. YAY! glad I was of help! Well my trip to the restaurant, I had someone cook this for me. I'd be disappointed if I tried to cook this and it didn't taste as half as good. I feel like I should take pictures of all my food now and sent them to you every morning ;)
      Lorilee xx