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Maybelline Nudes Pallet

I have wanted this Maybeline Nudes pallet since I arrived in Canada and on the 12th of December I bought it. 1 as a birthday present to myself (happy birthday to me) and 2 so I could wear it to a party that evening. 

This pallet seems to have been talked about an awful lot in the beauty blogger world recently as it is one of Maybelline's new releases. As well as The Nudes pallet there is a Smokes pallet that contains darker shades, which I did not fancy too much, as I didn't think those colours would go with my skin tone. 

So lets see what this pallet is about. As you can see the pallet has a 12 eye shadows, which you can create 13 looks, all the shadows in this pallet are shimmery. I do feel like the plastic on the lid should have been replaced with a mirror as I had to go in search for one to apply this. 

You can see the shimmery colours a bit more closely here. I do not like the applicator that came with the pallet, but I have been using my Eye Starter Kit from Real Techniques to apply this. 

I swatched all the colours from this pallet on my hand, the above picture is the top line of the pallet and goes from left to right on my arm and in the pallet. 

The picture below is of the colours in the pallet on the bottom row. This application of the swatches were of 2 to 3 brush strokes as I felt like not much coverage was gained in the first stroke, resulting in not much colour being shown.

As you can see below the pallet contains shimmery shades in a range of different browns with creams and a black. I find the eyeshadows to be very powdery and they mix with each other when I am trying to get some on my brush. I end up with a rainbow pallet and it all over my lap. I would advise putting a tea towel or something to cover your knees when you apply this. Also blow the access eye shadow dust away once you've got it on your brush before going to the next colour. 

The pallet has 3 sets of 4 eye shadows that can be worn together. 
The 3 sets of the 4 eye shadows are shown on the back of the pallet and where to apply which colours, which can be seen below. It even shows you which colours to apply where, which I find really handy. 

The colours unfortunately do not all have names so you'll have to name them yourself. I have not done this yet, but I am thinking up some as I type this.

I applied the 4 eye shadows on the left to my eyes for my birthday and this is the look I achieved. I know it's not a great picture as taking a picture of yourself with your eyes closed is not an easy job. I love the look this pallet creates. I will definitely be using this quite a lot next year. I'm wearing a Rimmel mascara in this picture - a post will be up about it soon.

Do you have The Nudes pallet or do you want it? What do you think of it? 

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  1. I've read A LOT about this palette too but have yet to purchase it for myself. Not sure if I will now as I can see how powdery it is and I've tons of neutral palette in my collection. Great review lovely and wishing you a very Happy New Year! xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I like this pallet, it does the job. Just disappointed about the dust. I want to get the Naked 2 pallet, I just hope it doesn't do the same. Happy New Year to you too lovely xxx

  2. I reviewed this palette in the summer, I use it primarily for the crease but they work well for blending.

    1. I like it, just annoyed that I could have bought it cheaper elsewhere. I shall check your post out :)

      Lorilee x