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My 2014 in pictures

As some of you may have guessed I love photography! I thought what better way to show you my year than through the pictures I have taken.

January - went off with a bang. I found some cats, met Daphne from Subgenre of a Dream, went horse riding, broke my camera and ended up in A and E.

February - I took a Lush bath, travelled to Canada where I had never seen so much snow and icicles in my life, was reunited with Kit for 2 weeks, wrapped up warm, took the plane back to London and saw pink skies on my first day back at work.

March - Discovered it was spring with daffodils, found a home for all my sea shells, my parents bought me some new sandals, my candle collection kept getting bigger, revising by candle light, rainy London, London in bloom and me attempting to make pizzas.

April - Finally won a prize from Dave Lackie, drove to Whitby from London and back, met a lovely horse, went for lunch with the ladies, wore my new sandles, took a walk around Greenwich park, went home and saw the cat and my parents dropped me off at the station to go back to London.

May - My brothers cat, free lunch in Honest Burger, summer bike ride, painting my nails pretty colours, making friends with cats, took another trip home and went to the carboot with my brother and found these beautiful peacocks, watched my Dad cut the grass and returned to London to find my favourite flower had bloomed. 

June - I edited my videos from Canada, went horse riding and didn't fall off, took another trip to Canada, but this time in the summer, sat on a chair way to big for me and burnt my bum. I met a raccoon for the first time, climbed the Montreal clock tower, got Engaged and stroked this smelly horse. 

July - Still in Canada with beautiful street views, fun at Tam Tams, messing around at the Montreal Olympic Stadium, cold drinks on hot summer days, Canada Day fire works, doing what I do best - taking pictures. Back to London to tube strikes and packed trains. I took myself to Brighton and visited the beach. 

August - Went home to see my parents, went on holiday to Spain with my Dad. Came back to London to find my road flooded. Had to bust out the wellies. My brother came to visit and we went to Brighton for the day. Then visited Lady Dinah's Cat Cafe and had lots of fun.

September - Got myself a new passport, watch out world here I come! Stared at the Shard whilst waiting for my train. Found my degree certificates a home with my flowers. Really didn't want to see the Rail Replacement sign this month. I went home to see my childhood friend Fiona get married. I came back to London and had lunch with the ladies. Received flowers from my neighbour for causing a leak in my bathroom.

October - The month I decided to leave London. The hattening with Tom Stow. I bought myself some snowboots on the advice from my friend Alex. Photographed pretty skies in London as I got ready for work. Took a picture of an advert and put it on Instagram and it received over 2000 likes. Lunch with my lovely ladies. Lunch date at Ape and Bird with the lovely Lucy. Good Luck food from Calum. A goodbye dinner with all my lovely work people. Miss you guys!! So so much.

November - I moved to Montreal and took the smallest suitcase with me. I climbed Mont Royal before the snow arrived. Saw jardins lumiere. Swam more this month than I have in the whole year. Actually saw a real life dog walker. Drove this big van around Montreal. Watched half of the Santa parade in Montreal. Decided now was a good time to buy a winter coat as the wind started to appear. 

 December - The snow arrived, I bought my winter coat. I took blog photos on my balcony in minus temperatures wearing gloves. Bought some ear muffs and went for a walk in the snow with Kit. Found reindeer in a shopping mall. Played about with icicles. Watched all 3 of the Montreal winter firework events. Celebrated my 28th birthday and spent Christmas Day in Montreal with Kit away from home. 

What do you think of my 2014? I had so much fun! I hope that 2015 is just as, if not more, fun.

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