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My Christmas Wish List

I have decided to take a little break from my Real Techniques Series and share with you my long awaited Christmas Wish List. This post has been in draft form since the beginning of November, but I just didn't get round to finishing it till now. OOOPS! Every other blogger under the sun has shared their's so I want to share mine before Santa comes down the chimney. 

1.Canon G7X

Lets begin with the big ticket item, the most expensive thing that I have had my eye on - the Canon G7X. It has just come out so it's super expensive, but I love the flip screen - taking selfies just got easier - all the different modes, light weight and it has a strap that attaches on both sides of the camera. 

This camera costs a bomb at £499.95 from John Lewis. Maybe they are cheaper from other places, but that is an expensive camera.

I placed this camera on my wish list because I want a camera that can sit in my coat pocket and can be brought out at the whip of a hat and a click of my fingers. To record videos, I really love the idea of vlogging. Louise, from Sprinkle of Glitter, has just purchased this camera and her video quality has improved and I like the look this camera creates when recording videos. I currently own the Canon 550D, which I love to bits, but I have to plan when I am bringing it out as it's so bulky, but it does take amazing pictures. I can't vlog with this camera as it doesn't auto focus and it's heavy to hold after a while.

My next item is also a camera and I could not decide between the Canon G7X or the Canon S120, so included both of them in my wish list.

The Canon S120 is used by a lot of vloggers on YouTube and it seems to present great filming quality, which is what I would use this camera for or the G7X. 

It has a range of shooting modes, like the G7X, records in full HD and is compact. You can touch the screen and it will auto focus on the object you are recording or trying to take a picture of.

3.The Selfie Stick
The selfie stick with remote built into the handle. The remote works via bluetooth to your device. I am guessing the selfie stick is on many bloggers wish lists this Christmas as you can attach any smart phone to it or a compact camera, like the two I have listed above. I picked this selfie stick as it has the button built into the handle, other models I have seen have a separate button/devise, which I am certain I would loose. I loose my lens cap several times a day. If only everything was linked up to the find my iPad technology then I would have no problem in locating things. 

I did see a selfie stick in the Dollar store today for $3 without the built in remote/loose remote. You just download a self timer app to take the picture. I think I might buy this to see whether I would use it or not.

I have heard so much about this pallet and want to give it a go. It only costs about £3 and contains lots of light shimmery shades. I prefer the day pallet to the night pallet. I have heard that these eye shadows don't have a very good pigment and don't last very long, but I want to give them a try for £3. I hope to pick one of these up next time I am in the UK.

Canon remote - the canon remote is on my wish list as I love to take pictures at night or of lights but sometimes I cannot hold the camera still enough without getting blurred pictures. I feel like this little remote would help me combat that. Also if I ever feel like recording any YouTube videos I could set myself up and then hit record with this little gadget.

Another well reviewed item in the beauty blogger world. I have seen many reviews on this mascara and pictures showing the difference when you wear it on your lashes. I am really impressed and want to give this one a go. I love the colour and the material of the packaging. I think I may purchase this in Canada seen as Sephora is only a few blocks away and they don't sell this brand in the UK. This costs $24 which is about £14. 

The sleek blush pallet is another pallet that is talked about a lot in the beauty blogger world. I'd like to try this as I've heard many good things about Sleek and their products. Although I do own the Benefit Havana blush and really enjoy using it. It brings a really sweet glow to my cheeks, without them being too out there. I wouldn't know which shade to buy this pallet in, so I would have to swatch it before I bought it. 

The Naked 3 pallet, like all the other Naked pallets, are on most beauty bloggers wish lists this Christmas. Urban Decay have a large following in the beauty community and their pallets are well reviewed. I have been thinking I'd like one of their pallets for a while but they are expensive for an eyeshadow pallet. In the UK they are £37 and in Canada they are $64 which, with tax added, is £37 near enough the same price. Having said that, I spent £14 on my body shop quad back in 2003. I've barely made a dint in it but I love the brown shades.

Having been to Sephora and looked at all 3 Naked pallets I prefer the Naked 2 pallet.  

9. Primark Super Cosy Tights

The next item is a little bit cheaper and is only £3.50 from Primark. These are the best tights I have ever worn, they feel fleece in side, are thick and don't ladder. They do get bobbles on them, but they are easily removed with a razor. I have found some microfiber tights in Canada and I will write a review on them in a few weeks once I have tested them out. I hope they are as good as Primark's. I have had them on for most of today and they are matching up so far.

10. Soap and Glory Christmas Box

Every year for the past 3 years I have bought or been bought a Soap and Glory Christmas Box. I really enjoy opening up the box and testing out all the products. The product I am most excited about using is the sugar crush body scrub as the scent is raved about. This one can be taken off my list as I have been bought this for Christmas, but I thought I would leave it there as it was on my list when I started writing this post back in November.

Although this last item is not pictured in my collage at the top of this post I would still like to mention it. 

11. Macro lens for my Canon 550D

I love my Canon 550D which I bought when on holiday in Greece in 2012. I have dropped it several times and taken it on countless holidays, but one thing I find missing from it is that the macro function doesn't perform that well with the lenses I have. My old Canon point and shoot had a great macro function. You attach the macro lens onto the end of my 50mm lens and it gives you really cool close up pictures.

Have you made a Christmas wish list? Do you want or own any of the things on my list?  If so leave me your links below so I can check out your posts.

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  1. Primark fleeces tights are the best ever! I love them, and so cheap. I hope you get everything you wish for. lofty x

    1. Yes they are! I wish I had bought more. Hope you had a lovely Christmas too

      Lorilee :)

  2. What a great list, I got everything on my list and more...All the best in the New Year :)

    1. That's wonderful. Can't wait to see a blog post about the gifts you received, will you be writing one? Happy New Year :)