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New Year's Blog Resolutions 2015

It's that time of year again and people are making their New Year's resolutions. I see lots of posts, at this time of year, with people saying what they want to achieve next year.

I thought about previous New Year's resolutions I make and I don't think I have ever kept up with any of them. I thought this year that I would make my New Year's resolutions in relation to my blog rather than the rest of my life as I don't seem to be able to keep them up.

1. Change the design and layout of my blog.

2. Post regularly.

3. Grow my audience.

4. Get more involved in Twitter chats.

5. Improve my photography on blog posts.

6. Reply to comments on the day I receive them or the next day.

7. Make some posts a weekly feature, such as Throw Back Thursday, my week in Pictures.

8. When I buy beauty products or products you can use include pictures of them in use in the blog post. There is nothing more annoying than seeing a post on nail polish and not seeing what it looks like on.

9. Get involved in guest posts on other blogs or host regular guest posts on my blog.

10. Learn more about HTML and codes.

Do you have any New Year's resolutions? Will you be making some, like me, that focuses on your blog or will they be well rounded?

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  1. That's a long list Lorilee, Good luck! x

    1. Maybe I was a little ambitious with this list of 10 items, but I hope to achieve them all. :)


  2. some of those are my resolutions as well! the commenting part especially. I end up replying days or a week later... also need to improve on my photography


    1. As demonstrated I am useless at replying to comments on the day. I will improve! Good luck with them I hope you keep them up as I hope to do.

      Lorilee :)