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Parcel Hero/FedEx Review

As you all know I have moved to Montreal, some of you may not know is that I only took a hand luggage suitcase with me. This I found out was not enough belongings when you move to another continent. My parents kindly sent me my suitcase via Parcel Hero and FedEx. They case was 15kg and contained my clothes and shoes.

My dad found Parcel Hero as it was a cheaper alternative to the Royal Mail. He filled out the online forms detailing what was in my suitcase and some other bits and bobs. 

Then a man arrived in a Parcel Hero van and my suitcase was on it's way to me. The driver had special plastic wallets to attach the paperwork to my suitcase, which surprisingly lasted the whole journey.

Parcel Hero said it would take 7 days for my suitcase to arrive with me, but it only took 5 days, plus a detour. During the whole journey I could check the Parcel Hero and FedEx websites for the location of my case and at what stage it was at. 

My suitcase took this journey. It left my parents house and went to London and flew to Montreal. 

I was pleased with this and thought I would be getting my suitcase sooner than I thought. However, my suitcase decided to go on a trip of it's own. It left Montreal and travelled to New York. From New York to Memphis. Memphis to Mississauga and finally from Mississauga back to Montreal. Over the space of two days. 

This is how the FedEx website looks when you track a parcel. I watched this page all Wednesday morning. I saw that FedEx had said the address was incorrect. As I had sat in all day waiting for my case. I grabbed my front door keys and ran down the street to the FedEx van. After a quick chat with the driver I signed for my suitcase and I finally had clothes! Thanks Mum and Dad. 

I had to google some of the places my suitcase went to because I had never heard of them before. I thought it had got lost, but it hadn't. There is no explanation as to why my case went all round the houses, but it arrived in one piece. I am sure that if I asked I would find out. My case had been opened as the zip was opened at both ends, but I have fixed this now. 

As well as using the websites with my tracking number I used the FedEx app, which was really helpful when I was out of the house. It tells you the location history as well. As you can see my name is spelt wrong, but I don't mind.

If I were to send things back to the UK or ask for my parents to send me more things here I would definitely use Parcel Hero again. 

Have you ever used Parcel Hero or FedEx? What do you think of their service?

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  1. Well, well, seems like your suitcase decided to take a road trip by itself. LOL! When we moved here, we took 20 huge suitcases with us, it was a lot of extra luggage and we paid a pretty big sum for it but we had no choice. Your parents are so sweet to help mail your stuff to you. xx

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    1. You're telling me I was starting to think that it was never going to reach me. Thought it would be lost forever. 20 is a lot of cases! How many airport trolleys did that take up?! I am so grateful that they sent me something as living out of a hand luggage suitcase was not fun.