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Real Techniques Series #2 - Core Collection for £12.22

I bought my Core Collection brush set from Walmart for £12.22 as I haven't see any of them available in Winners, trust me I have been to 5 different Winners in the past week. I also visited several Walmart's before I found the Core Collection on sale.

I kept finding empty shelves where the Core Collection was supposed to be, but instead I found only a few of the eye starter  and the Travel Essentials sets.

Then finally I found them! I felt like this moment needed to be documented, so here is my picture. Tucked away in the corner of the beauty section, close to the floor, were the brushes.  

Again I did my research before purchasing these brushes from Walmart the Core Collection is on sale in Boots for £21.99 and on Amazon for £12.35. I bought my Core Collection for £12.22, this is the most expensive set I have bought.

I cannot stop touching these brushes, the feel of them is so sleek. I keep running my fingers up and down the handle and brushing my face with the bristles. Crazy I know, but if you purchase these brushes, you'll be sat here doing the same.

In the Core Collection you get 4 brushes which set the base for your face, as I see it.

Contour Brush - Pointed Foundation Brush - Detailer Brush - Buffing Brush

Like the Eye Starter Set the brushes come in the ugly black case that folds into a stand.

Do you own the Core Collection? Which brush do you use the most out of the set?

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  1. I will be reviewing the core collection soon as well! I got a ton of new brushes I have to try out after the holidays! I don't think the case is that ugly but I guess they could have made it a bit cuter lol!

    1. Maybe I was a bit extreme saying it was ugly, but I just would have liked it to have looked a bit prettier and enclosed the brushes a bit more. I do like they are elasticated and keep the brushes separate. I really don't want them to get scratched. Can't wait to see your review of the core collection, I love to compare reviews. :)


  2. Real Techniques are my fave brushes... practically holy grail! I just love how amazing they are and it gives me that airbrush look that I love. You should get the Expert Face Brush next. that's the most amazing one :D


    1. I am so pleased you say this as I spent quite a bit on buying these brushes. I could have bought the expert face brush, but didn't because I didn't know what it did and I thought it was the same as the foundation brush as well as the stippling brush. Wish I had bought it now. I'll keep a look out or it.

      Thank you for your comment
      Lorilee :)