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Real Techniques Series #4 - Powder Brush for £5.75

Another Real Techniques brush I hear you cry! You can't buy one brush and leave the rest of them in the store, that's just not how it works. This post is all about the Real Techniques Powder Brush, another orange brush in my set.

Like all the other Real Techniques brushes, this brush feels soft  and I cannot stop waving it around my face. I am sure you've all done it. Just look at those fluffy bristles. 

This brush does not come with a case either, so I will be keeping it in the plastic box it came in. 

The box like all the other boxes in the collection it tells you what the brush is to be used for. 

I am not entirely sure why Winners have the Real Techniques brushes in their store as I assumed Winners was a store that sold end of the line good or last seasons stock. The only other place I have found in Montreal that sells Real Techniques brushes is Walmart.
Do you have this brush in your Real Techniques collection?

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  1. hello where had you find RT in montreal ? which walmart ?