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10 things I don't miss about London

Having written my 10 things I miss about London post I felt like I could not do a 10 things I don't miss about London post. Maybe some of the things I say here you might agree with. Tell me if I miss anything out. 

1. The Underground or the Tube as the locals like to call it. Is a packed and smelly place to be. This has to go on the top of my list of things that I don't miss about London as I hated using it. 

2. Getting stuck in traffic on a bus, forget about bringing your car to London - there is no where to park it.

3. The night bus - never coming when it was supposed to and having to wait outside in the rain with the drunks and homeless people for another 40 minutes before I could be trapped on the bus for another 45 minutes before I reached home. Some bus drivers insisted on stopping at every stop to keep the schedule running and on time, even though I was the only person on the bus between Trafalgar Square and Peckham. Just drive the bus to my house please mr bus driver.

4. Packed Leicester Square -  There was always a movie premier in Leicester Square each week and I would be diverted around the houses as Leicester Square would be shut to pedestrians because of a film. 

5. Rail replacement service - this one should most probably be higher on my list, but here it is at number 5. Sometimes the rail replacement service would be a busy bus that everyone piled on or it was a bus that never ran at the same times the trains did, so you just have to wait it out till a bus eventually came. 

6. Always raining - it feels like it's always raining in London. I hate the rain and wore my wellies for 9 months of the year. 

7. Busy Soho - it seemed like the whole of London decided that going to Soho at the weekend is the thing to do. When I was trying to get to work, it was impossible to walk on the pavements and you would have to walk in the road.

8. Wasting time waiting for the Bedford train to depart - Constantly waiting for the Bedford train to leave London Bridge so I can board my 7 minute journey to London Charing Cross. 

9. Packed commuter trains and trains being cancelled. My last 3 months in London were horrible due to the trains I took to London Bridge. Frequently trains would be cancelled leaving 2 or 3 trains worth of passengers to be crammed onto 1 4 coach train. London Bridge is going through improvement works so some platforms were closed and it was unpleasant to travel at busy times, in fact at any time.

10. Sirens - Police, Ambulance, Fire engine you name it their sirens are on. The sirens can be heard any time of day or night in Central London. Where they are rushing too I don't know but there is always way too much traffic for them to get anywhere fast - queue me being deafened for 50 seconds whilst a fire engine tries to battle it's way through the traffic. 

Are there things about London you dislike? I would also like to say that things there seem to cost a bomb like travel, food and tourist attractions. Have you visited London?

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  1. Your pictures are as stunning as always. :)
    Girl in a Whimsical Land

    1. Thank you although all of these were taken on my phone