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Café Chat L'Heureux Montreal - Happy Cat Café Montreal

As soon as I found out Montreal had a cat cafe, visiting shot to the top of my 'places to visit in Montreal list'. I visited yesterday, with my boyfriend, at 3:30pm and stayed till 7pm.

**Warning!! This is a very picture heavy post featuring lots of cats**

The great thing about Café Chat L'Heureux Montreal is that you don't have to prebook to visit and can turn up on the day. As I had visited Lady Dinah's in London, with my brother, in the summer. We had to prebook months in advanced. The post is here if you want to read about it. I did email Café Chat L'Heureux before we visited to check. 

This was really helpful as we didn't have to rush to get there and took our time with our Sunday. I got a response the day after I sent the email. 

We took the Metro from Downtown Montreal to Mont Royal Metro and walked the however many blocks to Café Chat L'Heureux. It was particularly icy and snowy yesterday, hence the snow outside. As you can see in the windows it is pretty busy in there. 

We arrived at 3:30pm and the shoe area was packed with people waiting to go in. We did wonder whether it was worth it to wait as there was 12 people in front of us. Thankfully we decided to wait and had an amazing time. 

The rules of the cafe. There weren't many but they were very considerate to the cats such as don't wake a sleeping cat, (some children didn't read this rule) don't photograph the cats with a flash on. 

There was a cool guest book for you to sign in the waiting room and I took a few snaps of the drawings in there.

As you can see from the shear amount of shoes in the waiting area it was pretty busy in there. We had to wait about 15 minutes before we were seated, but we could see into the cafe whilst we waited. 

The 12 people in front of us were seated and we were next! The carpet to the right is not supposed to have shoes on it as you have to take your shoes off before entering the cafe. 

I parked our shoes in the shoe cupboard and they were safe in there for the duration of our stay. 

Me super excited to be going into Café Chat L'Heureux as I had been waiting about 4 weeks to visit. Sorry the picture is blurred  - it was taken on my phone.

Finally sat in my socks.

My camera was steamed up for the first 30 minutes of being in the cafe as we went from really cold outside to a warm café.

Menus and a list of the cats and their personalities were laid on the table. I really liked the cat list as it tells you a little about the cats and what their names are. 

Gustave cat napped for about an hour of us being in the café, but there were plenty of children there and they kept getting up to stroke him, despite the sign next to him. This read - I am sleeping, please do not wake me. Adults got up too and stroked him, they didn't read the sign either it appears...

After the excitement of getting into the café and looking around to see where the cats were, I picked some lunch off the menu and it arrived. I ordered la Jardinière - which was fresh seasonal vegetables on crispy dough delicately seasoned. It was delicious. I would definitely go back and order this again. My boyfriend ordered food too, but I was really hungry and forgot to take a picture of what he ordered. 

Luna sleeping in her bed.

These notices were all around the floor near the carpeted areas.  

There was a third seat at our table and I thought it was for our wet snow clothes, but it turns out it was for the cats to come and sleep by you. No cats came and slept on our third chair as we had piled it high with coats and snow pants. 

Luzerne helping serve the customers. 

Doesn't Milady look beautiful?

Gustav enjoying some attention 

Chopin sat up here for the duration of us being in the café. He was the cat that I most wanted to meet as he is a polydactyl cat - he's got thumbs - I guess I will have to visit again and hopefully he will come and say hello. 

Milady having fun in the basket. 

Luzerne and Milady grooming each other. 

Luna looking pretty.


Lots of people were having tea in the cat teapots which were really cute. 

Isn't she beautiful?

Pretty Milady

When the cats want some peace and quiet away from the visitors they have a room to the side that is accessible through several cat flaps. 

Luciole was very playful and photogenic. 

This beautiful black cat is Sheldon and was super friendly. 

After finishing our delicious lunch we got a brownie and lemonade to share. The brownie was really sweet and the lemonade was quite sharp. I really enjoyed both of them.

I got myself a picture with Gustave and Luna. 

By 7pm the cafe was mostly empty 

and the cats came more into the cafe and slept on the chairs. 

After this we left and began our journey back home. I had a really lovely afternoon at Café Chat L'Heureux and would love to go back again. 

Café Chat L'Heureux opening hours are 

Monday : Closed
Tuesday to Thursday : 11 am - 8 pm
Friday, Saturday : 10 am - 10 pm
Sunday : 10 am - 8 pm

and is located on 172 Duluth Est, Montreal H2W 1H3

for more information regarding the cats, menu and café visit their website

Have you ever been to Café Chat L'Heureux? Did you have as much fun as I did?

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  1. My cat fanatic friend went and ever since I have really wanted to go! Your photos make me feel like I have been there though, just a shame I don't feel like I've just eaten some delicious food though! Also - happy new year lovely, looking forward to reading more from you this year! :)

    1. You should go, it was really great fun :) I love that you stay that my photos make it feel like you were there with me. Happy New Year to you too :)


  2. THIS IS FANTASTIC. Thankfully the food was good too, or else that would have been a huge let down haha. I'm super jealous! I need to find a place like this near me.

    1. Thank you so much! It would have been horrible if the food wasn't any good as you had to eat they food they served. They seem to have them all over the place.

      Lorilee :) x

  3. Dear Lorilee,

    Just wanted to tell you i nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Here is the link:


    1. Thank you so much! I have been nominated for this award by another blogger so I will be replying to you both in a post soon :)

      Lorilee x

  4. Replies
    1. Any cat place is my kind of place :)

      Lorilee x

  5. Ah this looks so cool! They recently opened a cat cafe in London and I am desperate to go but it is always booked out! I will get in one day x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I visited Lady Dinah's in London, with my brother last summer. I booked about 3 months in advanced. It was a really fun afternoon, but the cats were all sleepy when we went so I would advise going in the evening when they start to wake up. The banoffie pie there was delicious. Good Luck hope you get to go one day :)

      Lorilee x

  6. This is interesting, my friend would love this, she has a cat and is obsessed with them. Everywhere she goes she has to play with the cats even if they are strays lol. I have an issue with the cat hair so I wouldn't be able to stay for long or maybe even eat there but if you find a bunny cafe I'm there! I'm more of a bunny person...and I love dolphins lol.

    1. I really want a cat and hope to get one, one day. Your friend sounds exactly like me. Wow a bunny cafe now that sounds fun :) I'm not so into bunnies after my friends bunny bit me as a child, but I would sure go there and take some pictures - also see what it's like.

      I didn't actually see any cat hair around, there was a woman sweeping around every hour and the food prep is away from the cats. The cats didn't even seem bothered by us eating in there.

      Lorilee x

  7. AHHHHHHH I'VE BEEN DYING TO GO TO A CAT CAFE! I saw a bunch in Japan online, but it was so hard for me to navigate that I could never quite figure out how to get there. So cute!!!!


    1. That's so disappointing you couldn't get to one! I hope you get to visit one, one day :)

      Lorilee xxx

  8. I love this post!! I would love to visit this cafe.
    A cat with thumbs - I want one. :-) xx

    1. Thank you so much! I didn't even know they existed its so cool :)

      Lorilee xx