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First Empties of 2015

I thought I would do something a little different this year and write some posts I've never written before, such as an empties post. I know they are big in the YouTube world and wondered if they were in the blogging world too. 
So here is my first ever empties post. I don't think I've ever used up an item before moving onto the next one. I like to dabble with a few products at a time. Instead of listing all the products in the picture above I will go through them individually below. 

First up is the Burt's Bees peach and willowbark deep pore scrub. I can't say I smelt much peach in this, I think the willowbark smell over powered it. The small beads in this scrub which are to help with clearing your pores are abundant in this, only a pea sized amount is really needed for the whole face. After I had used it I did find my face to be rather sticky and not pleasant to touch. Not sure I would repurchase this again, but I did enjoy using it for the time I had it. 

Next up is the Elemis fresh skin exfoliating face wash. I was given this in goodie bag at the London Beauty blogger meet up in december 2013. I have been using it since I arrived in Canada as I left it here in the summer. Like the Burt's Bees you only need a pea sized amount to clean your whole face. I love the smell of this and I know I have smelt something similar to it before, but I cannot put my finger on it. It does leave my face feeling smooth and fresh so if I were to buy an exfoliating face wash again I would reach for this one. 

 It took a while to get the right photograph as the wind decided I wasn't allowed to photograph this face wash. Photographing empties is hard as they are well...empty!

Next up is my Degree, which to my UK readers is Sure, antiperspirant. I bought this from a dollar store for $2. I was less than impressed with this as it left white stains on all of my clothes, which don't wash out. My mum has said try washing the stains with cold water and soap, but this hasn't worked either. The fragrance of this is ok, it smells a little flowery for my liking, but it did last the whole day. I won't be buying this again as I want one that is invisible and that doesn't stain my clothes. 

This is my favourite shower gel, pear blossom air, from Bath and Body Works. I picked it up in the summer and have used it very sparingly because I didn't want it to run out. It smells delightful of sweet pears and blossom. Every time I use it, it reminds me of being on holiday in Canada last summer - post about my trip here part 1 and part 2

I wrote a separate post about this conditioner - here. I discovered it when it was on special in Jean Coutu when I first arrived in Canada. I hate buying cheap conditioners that make my hair feel greasy and knotty as soon as I have washed it. This conditioner leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and smelling beautiful all day. I will repurchase this again, as I was quite impressed with it. 

This was purchased by my boyfriend when he first moved to Canada in October 2013 and we only just finished it now. I have a love hate relationship with Tresemme as I feel like it leaves my hair feeling greasy and horrible, but this shampoo was different, it may be due to their being moroccan argan oil in the shampoo that calms my hair or that Canadian Tresemme is different to UK Tresemme.

Have you used any of the products in my empties list? What did you think of them, will you be buying them again? 

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