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Moving across the pond - Montreal

On October 31st I boarded a plane to Montreal, Canada from London Heathrow. 

The reason for my trip was to move there and to be with my boyfriend. I took with me my North Face rucksack and my small hand luggage suitcase, as you can see they are pretty small. I took a total weight of 15kgs with me. Boy did I not know that taking this little would be such a struggle. 

For the first few weeks I had barely any clothes or belongings, but my parents kindly sent me my big suitcase a few weeks later, with some of my clothes and shoes so I have a few more things now. They sent it via Parcel Hero - I wrote a review here if you want to read it.

I am starting to see the wear and tear on my clothes as I am wearing the same items over and over again each week. Some of the items I have here with me are my favourite items of clothing so I am trying to wear/wash them less. 

When it gets really cold I wear my snow pants, that my parents bought me, so I can keep warm - but have to sit in restaurants or cafe's like this because it's too much effort to take them off completely.

When I first got here the weather was dry and then the snow came,

but having been here for nearly 3 months now and I am getting used to the cold, although it is warming up slightly. 

Things I am having to get used to is finding the Canadian words that are not the same as in English, queue me getting looked at really strangely 

Prawns - Shrimps
Pram - Stroller 
Pavement - Sidewalk
Queue - Line up
Gherkins - Pickles
Chips - Fries
Crisps - Chips
Everything - All dress (this is when you want all the toppins)

As well as Canadian's having Canadian English I am also 
learning Quebec French, it is not the same as Parisian French, it's all in the way you say it.

I really enjoyed learning French in school, but I wasn't very good at it. This one isn't particularly hard to work out what it says when the English is below, but some stores only have French signs.

I am getting sick of wearing my snowboots all the time. I want to wear some of my fashionable shoes. 


Like my glow in the dark trainers. 

At the moment I am waiting for my visa and work permit to be confirmed so I can get a job, but for now I am a lady of leisure. I occupy my time by walking around the city taking pictures, eating out, going swimming and talking to my parents on Facetime. 

Have you ever moved to somewhere that speaks another language? Would you like to move somewhere where that does? 

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  1. I just wanna move to England and give it a try...


    1. I'm sure you'd love it. It's an adventure. I cannot wait to go back to montreal x