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New Years Wish List

I quite enjoyed writing and making my Christmas wish list post so I thought I would do one for New Year, one because I forgot to include these items on my Christmas wish list and remembered after I posted it and two because everyone can dream right? 

If you haven't noticed already I like having stuff. I don't how why or how but I just do, maybe it is the blogger in me.
Anyway, lets get on with this wish list, some of the prices are in pounds and some in dollars. 
The items on my list are not in a want order they are arranged like this due to how I could place them in my collage above. 

I recently discovered that the lovely Estée from Essie Button has designed her own range of sleep wear and this make up bag. Unfortunately I do not like any of the sleep wear, but I do love this Make up bag. When I saw it on the website I also wasn't keen, but I saw Estée using it in one of her recent videos. I was pleasantly surprised with the size of it and how much she can fit in it. 

2. Clarisonic - Mia 2 £125

Whilst doing my Christmas shopping I saw this gadget in quite a few beauty stores. I read the back of one box and took a snap and did some more research at home. This gadget is a facial cleanser that gently rotates the bristles on your face for cleaner and smoother skin, it claims to reduce wrinkles as well. It seems a little expensive for something you are to use on your face for 2 minutes each day. The Clarisonic Mia 2 is the travel version and comes with its own carry case. If this gets reduced to half the price then I would consider buying it, but at the moment I think it's a little pricey. 

3. Hannah Maggs The beloved London Make up Bag £26.99

Another blogger product, as you can see I have quite a few of them on my list. This time it is a make up bag designed by Hannah Maggs. I love the size and shape of this make up bag, along with the print. It reminds me of Jackson Pollock. Unfortunately Hannah has sold out of all of her make up bags for now, but I hope she will restock in the New Year.

4. Bath and Body Works - Wild Madagascar Vanilla Body Mist $14

I recently purchased a gift set from Bath and Body works that contained this fragrance mist, body lotion and shower gel. I only bought the set for the purse the items were in because it was glittery, but I love the scent of this. It reminds me of sweets and cakes. Who wouldn't want to smell like that all day. Technically I own a small bottle of this, but I would love to own a full size one one day.

Every since my Dad bought me the mini of this candle for my birthday last year I wanted to own the 3 wick version of this. I actually own it, but because I love the smell of it so much I don't want to burn it. I want to buy another one so I can burn it. When I wake up each morning I lift the lid off and sniff it when I open my blinds and when I go to sleep I put the lid back on. It works really well as a room scent as its fragrant and smells lovely. I don't know how to describe the scent of this because it doesn't really smell like fire or marshmallow.

6. Zoella - Blissful Mistful Perfume £8

3rd blogger product on my wish list. This time it is from Zoella. I have heard so much buzz around this range that I really want to try it out myself. I was still in London when the products launched, but I was busy packing up my belongings and moving out I didn't go to Superdrug and pick one up. I think you can only buy Zoella merchandise from select Superdrug stores across the country. The list is half way down the page of the link above.

I quite like these tops as they are floaty and not see through or at least they don't look it. I would wear these tops with some skinny jeans or cigarette trousers in the summer.

The stripy jumper is a staple in a bloggers wardrobe. I like the square neckline this jumper has. It could be improved with 3/4 length sleeves, but I like it. I would also wear this with a pair of skinny black jeans or a tube skirt.

9. Zoella - Soak Opera £5

Last blogger product on the wish list. I love the name of this bubble bath - Soak Opera. I love a good pun. This product is also from the Zoella range. The two products I have included on this list are the only ones I want to try from her range as I heard the fizz bar doesn't fizz too much and I don't really like the guinea pig make up bags. 

I have been thinking about purchasing one of these for a while now, ever since I saw Shu from Shu likes clothes got one. I think either for her birthday or for Christmas last year she bought the  envelope shaped one in mint green similar to this one here. I don't particularly like to carry handbags around with me all that often as my arm gets tired after a while and I want to put it down. I like rucksacks as I can put them on my back and go hands free, I know technically I won't be hands free with this as it will be around my wrist, but I can put it in my coat pocket in the winter. I like that I can keep my phone and money safe in the one place. I looked at many colours of this purse, but I like the grey the most and it won't clash with too many of my outfits. 

And there you have it, my New Years wish list. I want to do more of these, but I don't think I can do one every month as thats going to be 120 items I wish for. I will do them when I have enough items. 

I wrote a Christmas wish list here, if you want to take a look. I went to Sephora last weekend and swatched the Naked pallets and I don't like the Naked 3, as it has a lot of pink shimmery tones. I prefer the Naked 2 pallet with brown shades that are matt and shimmery.

Do you have any of the items, I listed above, on your wish list? 

What do you think of my list? Do you have a New Years wish list? Leave me your links below.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I use my Naked 2 Palette almost every time I do my makeup so I def recommend it! I need a new Clarisonic because the battery on mine is going already...I've had it less than 2 years and I've started reading up about the short battery life recently :( I love it, so it is such a bummer! I don't even use it in the shower and I've only been using it once per week!

    1. The naked 2 will be the first thing I will buy with my first pay check in canada, when I finally get my work permit and a job. I could be waiting a while though... 2015 is going to be my skincare year. I really want to improve my flakey face so I hope to get a clarisonic. That's annoying that your battery ran out so soon. I have been reading reviews on them and they sound like they are really worth the money.

      Lorilee x

  3. Love your wishlist. I've got one of those tops but in blue and now I want that jumper. I've always wanted a Hannah Magg's bag but yet to purchase one.
    The Naked 2 palette is the only one I am missing out of all 3 xx

    1. I think I may be doing some online shopping on the new look website, but I won't be able to get the items until I go back to the UK. So annoying with international postage costs. All her make up bags have sold out which is really annoying, hope she restocks them.
      I don't really know which pallet to choose but I know I want one because I have heard so much about them. I'm excited to try one :) Hope you get the 2 soon.

      Lorilee x

  4. I'm still waiting for the time when I would order Zoe's products... maybe for my birthday in June..


    1. I forgot to include the candle as well. I am really excited to try her products seen as they have been splashed about on the internet so much. Hope you get some :)

      Lorilee :) x