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Pore strip

A few months ago my friend in work gave me this T Zone pore strip. 

The reason why she gave me this was due to our previous conversation about the pore strip as she had managed to super glue this to her nose and ended up having to use a face scrub to remove it and the glue from her face. 

This is what lead her to ask if we, all my other friends in work, had used them. I asked which brand they were and she kindly brought me this to try. 

So applying the strip was easy enough. I applied it and left it for the recommended amount of time and peeled it off. It did not stick to my face thankfully nor did it really remove any pores from my nose. 

Have you ever used these pore strips before? Do you use pore strips? 

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  1. I want to try a nose strip... but too lazy to find one at the moment... and scared of the pain lol


    1. It's not that painful. You should give them a try