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Real Techniques Series #6 - Foundation Brush for £4.43

Although this is number 6 in my Real Techniques series, this was the my newest brush I purchased. The angled Foundation brush. I picked this brush up for $8

When I was taking my series of pictures for this post I forgot to take the brush out of the box so the only shot I have of this lovely brush is in the box. I want to take shots of it not in the box but I have not seen the sun shine for a few days so getting this brush in the sun like all the others has been an impossible task. 

One thing I have noticed about the orange handled brushes is the names of them, that are printed on the handle, are not printed properly and seem to wear off.

I bought my brush for $8 in Winners, which is £4.43.
You can purchase this brush on Amazon for £7.64

The tutorial by Sam and Nic for the Foundation Brush is here
Do you own this brush? What do you use it for? 

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  1. These brushes are really good. But after a while they go really gross if you don't keep up the cleaning. Im guilty haha xx

    1. what do you wash your brushes in? I am in love with my new brushes

      Lorilee xx

  2. I don't use these types of brushes for foundation, I prefer the flat top stipple brush from this line for foundation. Stippling makes it go on flawlessly.

    1. oh no, did I waste my money buying this brush then? I really wish I had bought the expert face brush as everyone and anyone seems to have it


  3. I love my Expert Face Brush so this isn't really in my wish list at all.. I prefer rounded brushes to apply foundation than flat ones..


    1. I wish I had picked that brush up now as everyone and anyone has it. Sounds like this brush isn't too popular, ooops

      Lorilee x