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Real Techniques Series #8 - kabuki brush for £5.72 and lip brush £5.08

Next up is the Real Techniques kabuki brush and lip brush - both part of the travel range. I love the fact that both of these brushes have lids with them. There are few things more annoying than brushes without a lid. I hate otherwise avoidable damage or dirtiness caused by miscellaneous bag contents.  

Let's look at the kabuki brush first, it is small but like all the other Real Techniques brushes it features their famous bristles and feels just as soft as the rest. I don't really know what a Kabuki brush is, but google tells me that 

I thought Sam and Nik had made the name up. I feel like I am getting to know more about make up brush terminology now that I own this brush. 

This is the kabuki brush with the lid on and the built in extender that houses all the brush bristles so that putting the lid on is made 100 times easier with this. 

As you can see the bristles are slightly wavy and packed into the brush stem tightly with a great build quality.

It is slightly angled and has two tone colour of black and grey in the bristles.

The brush comes in an individual packet and gives you instructions on what the brush is to be used for. 
The brush is so small and compact it can fit into most make up bags. 

The other brush I bought was the retractable lip brush. It works in exactly the same way that the kabuki brush in that it is a travel brush and has the extender that keeps the bristles safe when putting on the lid. There is nothing worse than having a lip brush that sits in the bottom of your make up bag with no lid collecting all the particles that are housed in the bottom of a make up bag, mostly fluff I imagine.

You can buy these brushes from Boots and Amazon 

Boots - 

Amazon -

Sam and Nik's videos on how to use the Kabuki Brush and the Lip Brush.

Do you own any of these brushes? What do you think of them? 

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  1. I already have the Eco Tools retractable kabuki so I don't have a need for one of these.. maybe one day down the line.


    1. I really must look into Eco Tools as I hear they are well reviewed.


  2. I would love some of these brushes just for the fact that they have a lid, that is genous!

    1. definitely a reason to get them :) also an excuse to go traveling around :)

      Lorilee x