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Throw Back Thursday - Paris 2008

I have been wanting to do a Throw Back Thursday series for a while now and I thought why not do this in 2015. Let's begin with our trip to Paris in 2008.

I really love seeing Throw Back Thursday pictures on Instagram and wanted to turn it into a series on my blog. I am not sure if I will do a Throw Back Thursday every Thursday or a certain Thursday of every month like the first Thursday or the third Thursday. Details will be figured out soon. 

Anyway, let's begin! We decided to take a trip to Paris for a weekend and back in 2008 we were both in uni so didn't have to book time off work. 

Sat in the airport waiting for our flight to leave.  We got to the airport really early in the morning, as I remember there was frost on the ground. Yes I used to have short hair.

We finally made it on the plane and up in the air. We flew from Liverpool John Lennon airport to Paris Charles de Gaulle.

We bought our train tickets in the airport and I remember thinking they cost a bomb for such a short journey, but we paid for them and boarded the train. 

In Paris! Experiencing my first train ride from the airport to the center. 

We arrived at our hotel and I immediately ran to the window and took this picture of the view. It looks quite a dull day, but the sun did come out.  

We wandered around the area of our hotel.

Stopped for some lunch.

Then wandered down to the metro station - Avron - and headed into the city. 

That evening we wandered around the grounds of the Louvre and took a few pictures. 

After photographing at the Louvre we wandered down the river and saw the Eiffel Tower glowing. 

On the hour for 10 minutes the Eiffel Tower sparkled. Out came my camera and I snapped away. 

These photos don't really show that well just how sparkly the Eiffel Tower was. 

After watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle for 10 minutes we then walked away to appreciate the view more.

So glad I took my tripod with me to capture these pictures. 

The next day we visited the Sacre Coeur. It was beautiful seeing this as it features in
 Amélie and I love that film. 

My friend had visited here previously and warned us about the people who wait for tourists at the bottom of the steps. They tie a bracelet to your wrist and charge you an extortionate price for it.

Once we climbed the steps to the top we turned around and witnessed the view of Paris in front of us. It was a little misty, but you can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance. 

Us at the top of the Sacre Coeur.

We wandered around the city for the rest of the weekend and had an amazing time. I took all these pictures on my old point and shoot camera. 

Have you ever been to Paris? What was your favourite part of the city?

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  1. Don't you just love Paris! I travel frequently but for some reason Paris just stole my heart. Its weird because even though I was in awe of the place I felt like I had been there before, like it was my home away from home! It could have been the fact that we rented an apartment 3 mins walk away from the Eiffel Tower and just kind of made ourselves at home lol. I'd say my second fav is a tie between Venice and Rome but there are still so many places left to explore.

    1. I do love paris and cannot believe I did not visit more often seen as it was so close to London. So far away now I'm in Canada. It does make you feel like you've been there before though. It's a beautiful city. Montreal is a little like Paris too well I thought so. I have never been to either Venice or Rome but I hear they are just as beautiful x