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What I bought from the Bath and Body Works Christmas Sale

This post was going to be a Bath and Body Works wish list, but I didn't get round to doing it and before I knew it, Christmas was over and I was heading to the Bath and Body Works semi annual sale. I saw an email on Christmas Day pop into my inbox saying the sale starts on Boxing Day.   

I checked the opening times of the stores in Montreal, because I have never been here on Boxing Day before and to my surprise the shops did not open till 1pm. So I didn't have to get up super early to pick up the bargains. We arrived around 1:15pm and I was surprised, but happy, that we did not have to queue to get in the store. Some stores in the mall were only letting a certain amount of people in. As you can see below the store was pretty busy. 

I had hoped this guy below would have been in the sale, but he was no where to be seen and I think someone had bought him before Christmas. He is a 3 wick candle holder. 

I also had my eye on this cute candle holder with the fox and bear, but sadly this was no where to be seen either. 

As I had seen the email the night before I had already decided what I wanted to pick up. This was a marshmallow fireside 3 wick candle and a wild Madagascar vanilla body spray. I found neither of them. The body spray was still full price, so I left that where it was.

I quickly dashed to the half price christmas candles searching for the marshmallow fireside, but with no luck. 

but I did pick up two 3 wick candles the sweet cinnamon pumpkin and the spiced apple toddy. I have longed for a pumpkin candle, but anytime I smelt any of them I wanted to put the lid back on as quickly as I pulled it off. I can't really smell any pumpkin in this, I can just smell the sweet cinnamon. The spiced apple toddy reminds me of Christmas and smells delightful. 

My two new 3 wick candles. I feel like putting the lid on them at night helps with making the scent last longer, anyone else noticed that? 

After I got myself some candles I wandered around the store, bumping into quite a few people as it was pretty busy in there. In the box above I was quite surprised to find my favourite shower gel, body lotion and body spray all discounted to 50% off. 

They are the Pear Blossom Air from the signature collection. I bought a bottle of this in February when I visited Canada for the first time. The scent of this reminds me of Canada and being on holiday. I stocked up on them. 

There were lots of shower gels and body lotions on sale that people didn't seem to be buying. 

Cheap body lotions that all smelt amazing. 

I bought the shower gel of Mad About you last summer, but couldn't find any in the sale so I got this moisturizer instead. 

Sneak peak into my basket, whilst in the long queue to the tills. 

The long long queue, mostly full of women clutching onto their items waiting to purchase them. 

And we finally made it to the till! 3 bags later and we were outta there. 

I was told this sale wasn't as good as the one in the summer, but I thought this one was pretty good. If the summer one is better then I am really excited to go to that as well. 

The rest of the items I bought -

3 Foaming hand soaps for $10. They smell amazing I love the smell of the cherry almond. 

Again 3 for $10 offer I thought these would be good to sling in my handbag now the cold weather is coming as my hands start to chap.

You can never have too many hand pocket bac right? I bought my mum a case for hers.  

I love the scent of the shower gels and the body lotion above. 

I found 2 mini candles with a pumpkin scent, but they mostly smell of spices. 

So as you can see I bought half the shop again. I love it in there and cannot wait for the summer sale. 

Have you bought anything in the Bath and Body Works sale? What did you get?

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  1. We skipped Boxing Day sale because hubby hates the crowd, he can't stand them and it would have drove him absolutely bonkers. Looks like you got yourself some really good stuff there although it's a shame that you didn't get anything that you really wanted.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I made my boyfriend get up and come with me as I knew it would be busy. He knew I wanted to go to this sale as he knows how much I love this shop. I love the boxing day sales in the UK and really missed them this year, Hopefully I will enjoy all this new stuff and find new favourites and not feel too bad for not finding what I wanted.

      Lorilee :)

  2. You got some good stuff! I got a lot of Bath & Body products at Christmas as well, I love ...pretty much everything lol.

    1. I always buy wayyy too much in there! I was quite disappointed that I paid more for the candles in the 'sale' than I would have before christmas!

      Lorilee :)

  3. I didn't buy anything since I already have too much from the brand :P I wanted to pick up some Pocketbacs, but they weren't on sale :(

    Ling | The Cosmetic Critic

    1. I already have loads from here to last me a life time, but it was on sale so I couldn't leave it behind could I? I love the pocket backs. I have about 18 of them back in the UK that I haven't used because they look so pretty and smell amazing.

      Lorilee :)

  4. This is one of the shops I really wish we had in London! x

    1. Yeah I really wish they had it there too, then I would have no reason to actually be here. I wished and wished Victoria Secrets came to London and it did so maybe if we wish hard enough then Bath and Body Works will come. :)

      Lorilee x