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What I got for Christmas 2014

Seen as I love watching 'What I got for Christmas' videos on YouTube I decided to write a blog post on what I got for Christmas. I shall not be busting out my camera and recording a video just yet, so you guys will have to make do with this post. 

I got all of these gifts from my boyfriend for Christmas Day. I had asked for some skin care, as my face is peeling and flakey like some weird reptile, since I moved to Montreal. As he wasn't sure what I wanted he took me along with him. I know it's not the  best idea taking the person you are buying the gifts for with you as they won't be a surprise on Christmas Day, but I would rather receive skin care that I actually wanted rather than the cheapest one. 

Lets start with my first gift set which was the La Roche Posay Nutritic. I cannot work out if this set has a name or not. The box leads me to believe it doesn't. This set cost $39 with a value of $47. I love the box it comes in as it has a magnetic flap on the side and could be used afterwards to store things. 

The box contains 1 full size product and 3 samples. The Nutritic Intense Riche if bought on it's own is $39.99. 

The Nutritic Intense Riche is the full size item which is a moisturizer for really sensitive flakey skin. The Nutritic cream smells of fresh sweet lemon, I cannot stop sniffing it. I didn't want to touch the cream before photographing it, as I love the swirls. 

I was surprised to find more information on the inside of the box  regarding the Nutritic cream and how it has been developed.

I also love the design/look of the jar and lid. I love to run my fingers over the top of the writing, it's not weird right?

The 3 samples I received were 

Lipikar Baume Ap+ which is another face cream that is to be applied once a day after a cleanse and tone. It is also good for sensitive irritable skin. 

Lait Demaquillant Physiologique - A cleansing milk for sensitive skin, which I would use before applying the Lipikar Baume Ap+. It is a make up remover that can take off waterproof mascara. 

Thermal Spring Water - sooths skin that has been affected by the weather and prevents aging. I would be tempted to keep this for aeroplane trips as my face gets really dry on them. 

All La Roche-Posey products are paraben free.

The next box set I picked was the Bioderma Sensitive skin prone to redness. With a price tag of $34.95 and a value of $74.95. If there was a box made for my face then this would be it. I always have red cheeks because of the cold.

The box also comes with a coupon for $3 off your next purchase. Plus points Bioderma!

This set comes with 3 full size items the 

Sensibo H20 - Make up removing micelle solution (highly talked about in the beauty blogger world) which calls itself the cleansing water. I am eager to try this out. 

Anti Redness Care - the cream that stops my cheeks looking super red and also moisturises and soothes the skin. 

Sensibio Eye - Anti puffiness soother and moisturiser. I thought this was going to be a roller ball, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it was a cream. This was a gift in the pack.

Bioderma is also Paraben Free. 

The next gift set was another Bioderma purchase. 

I picked this one up because it was only $6.95. The small bottle of Sensibio H20 is work that alone, plus there is a voucher inside for $5 off my next purchase of $25 or more. 

This set is a travel set that is perfect for a weekend away or a long haul flight. All the products are 100ml or less and are to be used together. I was slightly disappointed to see the end product came in sachets and not a tube like on the front of the box.

The inside and the back of the box comes with a step by step guide on a hydration routine. 

This box contains a travel size
Sensibo H20 - that can be topped up with my larger bottle. That cleanses the face.
Hydrabio Serum - Moisturizes the face
Hydrabio legere - long lasting moisturizer and can be used as a primer. 

These gifts I did not pick up and were surprises. I had asked for a cleanser and was really pleased I got this one as I want to improve my skin routine and make it less flakey. Kit also picked up some Eucalyptus scented epsom salts as I get bad backs when I lift things that are too heavy. A soak in the bath with these salts fixes my back and I can walk again. 

He also picked up this 4 pack of moisturising soap, but I don't like bars of soap so he will most probably use them. I love to use shower gels rather than soap, not sure why but it's just my preference. This is not to say I won't try 1 out. 

Then lastly he picked up some EOS hand cream as I love their lip balms so much. He also picked up some EOS lip balms too. I am sorted for the winter and summer now. 

I also received a dressing gown, snow pants, ear warmer headband, my suitcase sent to me, Soap and Glory Christmas boxset (which I haven't got yet as it's back in the UK and I will pick it up when I return there next) from my parents and some scented things from my boyfriends parents.

I really liked all my gifts I got for Christmas this year and cannot wait to try out my new lotions and potions. 

What did you get for Christmas? Leave me your YouTube video or blog post in the comments below as I love to watch/read them.

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  1. Everyone seems to have that eos. Where the hell do you live looks fabulous !!!

    1. I live in Montreal and it's pretty nice here. Yeah EOS seems to be a popular brand. I would recommend it as its organic and soothing on my lips :)

      Lorilee x

  2. What fantastic presents! :) I'm so jealous of the amazing Bioderma sets!! Hehe. Why don't we get sets like that over here in the UK?!
    I just posted my 'What I Got For Christmas' post, which I hope you can check out if you get a chance lovely:
    What I Got For Christmas

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

    1. Everyone is after Bioderma and I thought I should get them now I'm in Canada and it's cheap. I love all these sets and they are relatively cheap too, not sure why they don't sell them, they would make loads if they did.
      I shall be over to look at your christmas post as I love to read them. :)

      Lorilee x

  3. Woo so many exciting things! I love skincare sets, they are always so nice to try out. Hope you have a fab 2015 x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you :)

      I am really enjoying the La Roche Posay set, but the garnier face cleanser is drying out my skin.

      Lorilee x

  4. Those sets look amazing.. I've been thinking about trying some La Roche Posay this year, maybe I'll luck out and find a set too. :]

    PS - All that Bioderma.. so good!

    1. Thank you, I am so excited to try them all out. So far the La Roche Posay is great :) Hope you get something :)

      Lorilee x

  5. I love the practicality of your gifts :)

    I loved that Olay soaps... I don't use soap as often any more so I buy really small cute ones from the grocery store that I like