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Wish List Wednesday - Ikea

As you know I moved to Montreal at the end of October 2014 to an apartment which was unfurnished. I sat on the Ikea website for a while eyeing up all their furniture. 

I found it really useful to go on their website before visiting the store as I had built up a collage in my head and I knew what I was looking for when I got there. If I found anything else then that was a bonus. 

Ektorp Sofa £325/$499 • 2 Knubbig Lamp £11/$17.99  • 3 Lack Coffee Table £26/$39.99 • 4 Besta Storage £85/$148.75 - for the living room. 

Linnmon/Adils desk £14.90/$25.99 • 6 Alex Draws £90/$149 • 7 Frode Folding Chair £20/$36 - for the office, because every blogger needs their own space.

10 Malaro Table and Chairs £90/$149 - for the balcony in the summer

Armed with this list of items I had my eye on we went shopping. We bought a few things off this list. Unfortunately we did not buy the red sofa that I had my eye on and got these 5 items instead. I got over half of my wish list, but I really want a desk/table to sit at with my laptop/to eat dinner at. 

Even with these 5 items our apartment now feels a lot more like a home as we have somewhere to sit and sleep. I am hoping to get a desk/dining table as sitting on the sofa to eat all the time is not fun. We also didn't buy that much as we will have to sell these items when we move back to the UK in the future.

Do you have an Ikea wish list? or do you own any of these products?

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  1. I'm moving into a flat next week and we have no furniture! I am excited for the Ikea trip haha
    I really love the rug you included, it's a great colour

    Bethan Likes

    1. I love looking around Ikea and always want to buy the whole shop. Hope you have a great trip there

      Lorilee x